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Rita Athimos | Released 21kg

I started my journey on the 1st February 2020 and after 9 months of strictly sticking to the eating plan have lost 21kgs, and as of January  2021 have been in Maintenance for 4 months

I feel so much healthier, fitter  and have higher energy levels now than I’ve had in years!  My arthritis in my hands has totally disappeared, my sinus and allergy problems have improved greatly, but the most exciting thing for me that after being on diabetic medication for 14 years, Metformin 500mg, my last 3 blood results have come back so good I don’t need to take the medication anymore!

My life has completely changed thanks to Deborah Murtagh  and her amazing support team.

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Lina | Lost 12.5 LBS

Hi all I am so grateful and feeling like a new woman. Started 1/2/2020 at 86.5 now down to 74. That’s me on the left in January this year and on the right on Monday which was my 55th birthday. Thanks Deb love this program and are eternally grateful.

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Viji | Lost 57 LBS | UK

I have been on a journey to get to my ideal weight for a year now just after giving birth to my son and being the heaviest in life, 73kg in Aug 2019. Before I found Deborah Murtagh’s 30 day drop a dress size plan, I lost weight but the hard way, via calorie restriction and vigorous exercise, and it took over 10 months to lose 10 kgs! Most importantly, I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food; some days I would binge and some days I would restrict, so it was inconsistent to say the least!

I was desperate to find a better way to eat and just when I needed it, Deborah’s programme randomly showed up on Facebook page! The programme was definitely a game changer for me. Yes, I did lose some weight, but more importantly I gained a healthier way to eat! Apart from the first few days to start with, I didn’t feel hungry at all, so felt no need to binge eat. As a vegetarian, I did think I would struggle to be on a low carb-high fat diet, but the Facebook support group helped in terms of recipe ideas which was life saver!

Additionally, I realised the main factor in my weight loss and keeping the weight off is my mindset. Deborah’s mindset tools really helped with re-set my relationship with food and reinforce why I wanted to get to my ideal weight having felt overweight most of adult life!

By the end of the 30 days, not only I lost 3.4kg with ease, but I genuinely felt such a difference in my energy levels! My afternoon slumps were gone and that was even without the daily coffee hit! I really want to carry this lifestyle on so I have joined the main TKS programme, not just to reach my ideal weight and BMI ( 3kg more to go!) but to maintain the high energy levels and the positive relationship I have with food.

I am now around 59kg and I haven’t been under 60kg in over a decade! Thank you Deborah!

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Tara Cox | Released 22 pounds and 24 1/2” inches | USA

Before this challenge I was so frustrated that I couldn’t lose weight. I’ve followed many “diets”, workouts and weight loss programs and I was not able to make any progress besides a knee injury. The doctor told me it was a combination of my age and depression that was holding me back. The last fad I bought into that was another failure and I determined to never buy into another program. I was upset with myself spending so much money and time into things that were only surface level. When I watched the first informational video about this program I was so skeptical yet there were too many specific things I had prayed about that Deborah talked about and the more I listened, in my soul I knew there was truth in her words.

So I took a leap of faith. I decided to let go of my mistakes, failures, and everything I knew about diet and exercise and let go. I have literally rested my body, loved on myself, took time to to learn and enjoy food again rather than abuse it and baths!

I am always in a hurry but I’ve taken time for me. Over the past 30 days, my spirits have lifted, my mindset is completely shifted and I feel free. Not to mention full of knowledge that empowers me to make good decisions. The result of all of that is 22 pounds and 24 1/2” inches gone.

Looking forward to TKS and this new mindset! Many blessings to you all!

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SHEILA | Lost 13.5 lbs | UK

Hi everyone! I’m delighted to have lost 13.5 lbs – nearly a stone!! I’ve gone from 12 St 4 lbs to 11 st 5 lbs. my goal weight is 10 St 5 lbs. But I also feel great! I’ve lost inches, all my clothes either fit properly or are loose, my stomach is much flatter. I’ve found the mindset work, the 50 reasons and the affirmations so enlightening. The meditation has helped me to examine how I’m really feeling inside.

This has changed me and made me realise I’ve been caught on a treadmill – I’m off the treadmill and beginning to see a new way forward for the new me.

This is far more than a whole food/weight loss programme. Thank you Deborah Murtagh and team x

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Melinda | Lost 30kg

I began this journey in the 30 day challenge and thenI joined TKS.

It is a real milestone today for me! I started at 100kg, and today the scales say 75kg. That’s 25kg released. 1/4 of my body weight. I was size 20 in the first photo, and these pants I’m wearing today are size 12! My mind is blown! If I hadn’t weighed myself every single day, I would hardly believe it myself!

So much inflammation as been released. I am no longer bloated and gassy. My joint pain has disappeared, and so has my eczema. Gone from feeling depressed every day, to being a bit excited by what the future may hold. I feel amazing!

I know not everyone losses this quickly, but I hope this inspires and encourages you to continue.

It will happen eventually. If people want to know what I’ve done, I have just followed the program as set out for us, and done IF every day since the beginning. Bone broth is my absolute favourite, and I have it every day! Much love to you all. I continue to be inspired by you all daily

-Melinda xx

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Malin | Released 5.9kg and 50 cm | Sweden

I did the 30-days challenge in august.

My results:
~ minus 5,9 kg.
~ minus on all measurements, -50 cm in total.
~ more energy.
~ less pain and stiffness in my body.

Huge boost of Self-confidence! WOW I can do this 🙂

Heading forward with curiosity and happiness towards TKS. My goal with TKS is to reach 57 kg (- 11 kg) and to finally let go of all medication for high blood pressure and rheumatism …Lots of Malin

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Liz Dreeves | Released 10kg | Australia

It was January 2017. I was feeling really disheartened because I had just been to the gym and done yet another rigorous workout. Yet my stomach still felt bloated, my clothes felt tight and I weighed 61kg which may not seem much to others but for my 5 foot 1 inch (155cm) frame, I felt it was too much.

I had always weighed around 5I/52 kg and was not even now overweight by normal standards but I had always been slim with the occasional fluctuation up and down but suddenly when I hit 50 years old and the weight just stayed on and increased, even though I ate what I considered a healthy diet, I didn’t eat junk food or sugar and I exercised constantly.

I was really feeling down about myself and was just starting menopause and experiencing awful hot flashes and everyone told me it was normal plus apparently it was also “normal” to put on weight. But I didn’t want to accept that. Suddenly an advertisement on Facebook appeared , and this woman was asking ‘are you struggling with menopause?’ so I clicked on it. She (Deborah) went on to say if you want to understand how you can still live fabulously through menopause then watch my webinar. So I did. I was inspired by everything that was said although I was a little skeptical about not eating breakfast and not eating rice, pasta or oats or all the things that are the staples of life. But I signed up (secretly) and thought I’d give it a go.

I didn’t really do the program properly at first but I did give up breads and other carbs and I stopped having breakfast and started to have the psyllium husks and vitamin C in the morning as well as using ACV and flaxseed oil. I have protein and salad greens for lunch and for dinner I would be conscious of what I was serving up. I was also excited by the fact that I could eat and cook with butter and cream and avocado became my new favourite fruit.

I stopped doing hard workouts and just continued with my walking.

Surprisingly, the bloating eased and suddenly after a few weeks, I noticed that my clothes felt looser. So I hopped on the scales and was surprised to see that a a few kgs had vanished.

So I got a bit more serious and the weight just kept flying off. Then, in May 2017 I reached my goal of 50 kg. I was amazed. I had to go and buy a whole new wardrobe of clothing and it was incredible to wear tight jeans and fitted dresses that I had never felt comfortable wearing before. I was wearing Australian size 6 and 8 clothes: something I hadn’t seen for a long time.

However, as thrilled as I was with these results, I was not thrilled with the gaunt look my face had taken and the flabby arms that resulted. So, I decided to return to the gym. I am fortunate to have a Personal Trainer as a son and he decided to write a program for me and train me. I wanted to develop muscle and get stronger.

Now, 4 years since I took that first step, I weigh 52kg which I believe is my ideal weight that I can maintain, I have muscles, I have energy and I know I look better than I did 10 years ago.

How has TKS changed my life and impacted me? Well, I have a wonderful relationship with food and the joy of eating whole food to maintain nutritional ketosis means I am eating foods I would never have eaten years ago. I never buy processed or premade items from the supermarket, my skin is healthier and in the last 4 years I have had one minor bout of flu. I have abundant energy which is vital as a school teacher and at 57 years old, many younger teachers comment on how much vitality and energy I have.

I still do not do breakfast (unless it is a special occasion). I continue to have my psyllium husks and vitamin c in the morning and not only does it save time, I do not miss breakfast at all and I am never hungry. I seriously don’t know how I ever ate breakfast all those years but the old mantra that ‘it is the most important meal of the day’ was always in my mind. I feel confident in my own body and I know that I can eat normally these days because I know the right foods to eat and if I deviate I have the tools to fix it.

In these four years, I have not put on weight. I have only changed body shape due to all the weight bearing exercises I now do which are making me stronger. I always had stocky legs: now I have muscly legs. I hate to think what my body would look like and what stomach issues I would have if I had continued the way I was going. I was virtually starving myself and not losing weight and all the medical professions had told me this was normal.

My menopause symptoms were virtually non-existent once I started and I contribute that to this eating lifestyle and the lack of sugar in my diet. This has not been a diet; it has been a lifestyle change. I can’t believe I have maintained weight loss for 4 years. I’m so grateful to have discovered this eating lifestyle.