Hi, I’m Deborah Murtagh, one of the world’s leading mind-before-body weight loss coaches, and I want to help change your life! Over the past decade, over 150,000 women have transformed their lives through my programs.

I’m also a mother of 3 gorgeous daughters, a mother-in-law to an amazing man, & a grandmother! (Personal family pic below!) I’m passionate about role modelling to my girls how to live an inspired & fulfilling life while being the best version of ourself possible. I believe in living soul first & from the heart, & have raised my girls knowing that when we devote our lives to being of service to other’s, we will live an inspired & fulfilling life. Earlier this year I turned 50 & it’s my goal to also role model longevity & rocking life at any age!

That’s why I spent the past 3 decades developing my programme, over 20,000 clinical hours working 1:1 in my clinic, resulting in a failsafe program & lifestyle that has reversed metabolic diseases & restored the vitality & health of countless people.

However, we can have the best diet in the world, but it’s our mindset & self-love that enables us to stick to anything new. So, I’ve spent decades studying addiction mindset & psychology to create a companion program that focuses on the practical tools of how to remove old habits to create lasting & authentic change.

As there is so much bad dietary advice out there, and so many temptations, we need to use mind, body and soul to transform our lives.

In 2000 my middle daughter was born with multiple food intolerances, & was experiencing absence seizures in her high chair as I was introducing her to foods. Having already been working with the Ketogenic Diet as a weight loss coach, this lead me down a 10 year path of understanding the link between our gut & brain, & how food affects our microbiome and the impacts this has on our total wellbeing, including our cognitive function.

As a result, throughout my 30-year career, I’ve become known as a world-leading expert in the practical application of the Ketogenic Diet. This lead me to being involved in clinical dietary studies with the Neurology Department at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand where we published two studies for Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s. As well a some fascinating case studies. I also worked with an Oncologist for 2 years, managing the fasting & diet protocols for cancer patients & truly believe that metabolic health & how our body is fuelled is the missing link in our modern diets.

After a spiritual awakening at the age of 16, I have spent over 30 years studying human consciousness, quantum physics & spirituality. I’ve devoted my life to the mind-body transformation & women’s well-being. Having run sellout retreats for 20 years, my life’s purpose is to inspire the awakening of women to live their best & healthiest lives possible!

Deborah XXX