Ketoboost & Serenity Sprays


Ketoboost is a natural homeopathic formula Deborah developed over 12 years ago with friend and colleague Ron Blincoe, ex-pharmacist of 54 years experience and homeopath of 23 years experience, to support natural weight loss.

​Now used by thousands of clients, Ketoboost is safe to use and has no side effects.

Ketoboost contains HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), leptin and insulin and may offer the following benefits:

  • Helps protect your natural fat
  • Prevents hunger
  • Stimulates stubborn stored fat to burn more efficiently as fuel
  • Helps balance blood sugar levels while balancing fat hormones

​These are usually only available on prescription to Deborah’s private clients; however, she has decided to open this to members of The Ketogenic Switch (TKS).

The new 50ml bottle offers great value, with each bottle lasting 2–3 weeks. We recommend you purchase 3 bottles, which will last one round of your TKS weight loss cycle (8 weeks). The average weight loss over this time is 10kg. Ketoboost certainly helps you maximise your results!

​These are totally optional on the program, but Deborah has such great success with them, she wanted to make them available for you.

Deborah’s Serenity Spray

Serenity Spray is a gentle natural homeopathic formula that is unique to The Ketogenic Switch and only available online, right here. Serenity Spray may assist with food addiction, mild anxiety, mood swings and sleep. Similar to Rescue Remedy, this unique formula relaxes the mind and body while maintaining mental alertness. Used in many addiction centres, homepathics are renowned for being gentle on the mind and body, yet powerful at the same time.

The recommended dose is 2 sprays under your tongue 4 times daily; or during times of excessive stress (e.g. when you are triggered to emotionally eat), 2 sprays every 10 minutes, up to 6 times.

Serenity Spray may offer the following benefits:

  • A sense of calm and feeling calm in stressful situations
  • Assist with overcoming food addiction and binge eating
  • Overcoming mild anxiety
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is recognised as a system of medicine in many countries, and in the UK it is integrated into the National Health Care System. The Royal family, known for their longevity, have used homeopathic medicine for generations.

Deborah’s earliest training was in homeopathic medicine. As a homeopath, her daughters were raised using homeopathy, with enormous success. While homeopathy is considered somewhat controversial to science, where it ignorantly written off as being nothing more than a placebo, Deborah has experienced too many minor miracles to not be fully convinced of its power.

​Placebo doesn’t explain its affect on babies and animals, who respond extremely well to homeopathic medicine. Just one personal story is that Deborah saved her mother’s horse from being put down with a twisted bowel, through administering nux vomica over several hours. The vet had planned to return in the morning to put him to sleep, but decided to give it one night of trying Deborah’s methods. The following day, he was walking around the paddock (after several bowel motions) like nothing had happened. The vet put it down to a miracle, as he’d never witnessed any turnaround like it!

​Unlike drugs, and herbal and nutritional medicine, homeopathy works on the energy systems of the body. The mystery of homeopathy, Deborah believes, is quite easily explained through quantum physics, and yet its power still to this day is suppressed by drug companies.

​Regardless, its power and potency speaks for itself. In Germany, homeopaths are treated with the same respect as doctors, and homeopathy is often integrated into orthodox treatment protocols.

For Deborah, 21 years and three daughters later, she has escaped the use of antibiotics in her home and attributes this to the power of homeopathy. This is why she is proud to put her name to these formulas.

Here’s what Ketoboost & Serentity Spray users wanted you to know…

“I have the Ketoboost Spray and actually got it once I was well into doing this plan, I was very sceptical at first but, once I tried them and they are brilliant! Stop the hunger straight away, I would definitely recommend them especially starting out when the body is adjusting to keto.” – Maria Franciska

​“I am on my second bottle of Ketoboost Spray. It is great for curbing the hunger. I also found if I use it regularly that it helps trigger the weight loss – not sure if this is true but I have gone to them when on a plateau and found that I have lost centimetres. I haven’t used the Serenity Spray much, but when I have during the day it has made me feel quite tired and yawning . I now use before bed if I need a good sleep.” – Hitchcock

​“The way Deborah has designed the program is giving our bodies the best optimal health. I purchased the Ketoboost and Serenity Spray. Ketoboost curbs your hunger – in fact – I am an early riser and tend to eat lunch around 11.30am and found not wanting lunch till 1.30 – 2.00pm. They are next level. The Serenity Spray speaks for itself – even my husband takes it. Lovely products that both are very different, complimenting the care of your body. I personally would consider them as they are both high-quality products that don’t run out at the drop of a hat.” – Joanne Smith

“I love the Serenity Spray. I have it in my handbag & on the kitchen bench. I use this when I begin to notice a trigger inside of me & it helps me to remain focused on my thoughts & remain calm when responding to a situation.” – Samantha Konyeshi

“I wanted to live an alcohol-free life because I identified wine was a vice that was no longer serving me well. I have been really struggling to “let wine go” for the past year as I had lots of emotional attachment to it and then in November I started using my Serenity Spray and bugger me something SWITCHED and now I no longer have the same attachment to wine – it truly is amazing the mind switch I have made when not really focusing on it if that makes any sense. I’m now alcohol free whoop whoop!! Thank you and much love as always.” – Megan Scott

“I started my journey with Deb and the team with the 30 day drop a dress size challenge in August. I purchased the Ketoboost Spray first as I went straight into intermittent fasting. I struggled curbing that hunger in the mornings, and these really do help a lot, in fact, I am almost out and need to purchase more soon, It seems to be the only time of the day I need to take them though. The Serenity Spray I only purchased fairly recently, I was having a little trouble sleeping + I have my eldest sons wedding coming up soon in March, (this was one of the reasons to join this wonderful group which has now become a lifestyle change) I am worried about holding it together during the service, ( I can get emotional especially when it comes to my children) So I think these will be a tremendous help for me during this day, so they will be on hand for the day.” – Sharoyn Reid

The Serenity Spray is wonderful. I have it on my desk at work and every time I feel the stress building up or I’m nervous going into a meeting just a few quick sprays and I calm down and think so much clearer.” – Sarah Toaldo

“I ordered Serenity Spray for my daughter and me. I was thinking night time support for adults and children. Well, the usage has morphed! My daughter (who has three children under 4) really used it for herself . Fringe benefit…we have been using it with the two older children in the morning and “when needed. Ha! The kids gladly open their mouths to receive. It’s a lovely distraction for them and really helps with their “acting out. My daughter carries it in her purse (for herself and kids) when needed. I like how the kids see it as an option to support them too (almost 4 and 2-year-old). Thanks!!” – Heidi Rankin

“I used Ketoboost Spray daily throughout my 8-week programme… it was a great help…no cravings…no getting hungry…it really helped me with my weight loss.” – Vanessa Hare Van Eyssen

“I have been using the Ketoboost and Serenity Spray for over 6 months now. Wouldn’t be without them. Sleeping better. I do suffer from anxiety and have trouble sleeping. I used to use Triazalam to get me to sleep but the Serenity Spray does help. It takes a few days to kick in but you just have to be patient. I use the Ketoboost in the morning and in the afternoon, they really do help.” – Judy Barakat

“Ketoboost Spray and Serenity Spray are a new linchpin to my programme. Ketoboost definitely makes a difference to hunger on low-fat days in maintenance, and at other times just when the body is doing whatever it is doing. Huge difference overall with those.

As for Serenity Spray, absolute life-saver. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia and had been struggling to relax despite mindfulness practice and breathing exercises. I’ve used Bach Flowers before, but these seem to be next level. Wishing best of use of these with all and for sure will keep using them myself if I can!” – Caitlin Borgfeldt

“I took the plunge and bought the pack of 3 bottles of Ketoboost Spray. I was initially nervous/anxious because it was a big spend but so glad I did, no regrets!! It really does work for me. I carry a bottle with me always, it’s like my security blanket for those moments when I feel low blood sugar or super hungry especially on my drive into work in the morning as I’m up so early. I love how I suddenly forget that hunger and don’t feel hungry. A miracle in a bottle!” – Eileen Bharji

“Ketoboost is a win! The teaching life makes it difficult to make time to eat so Ketoboost Spray curbs those cravings and in between recess and lunch.” – Katie Woodwell