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Melinda | Lost 30kg

I began this journey in the 30 day challenge and thenI joined TKS.

It is a real milestone today for me! I started at 100kg, and today the scales say 75kg. That’s 25kg released. 1/4 of my body weight. I was size 20 in the first photo, and these pants I’m wearing today are size 12! My mind is blown! If I hadn’t weighed myself every single day, I would hardly believe it myself!

So much inflammation as been released. I am no longer bloated and gassy. My joint pain has disappeared, and so has my eczema. Gone from feeling depressed every day, to being a bit excited by what the future may hold. I feel amazing!

I know not everyone losses this quickly, but I hope this inspires and encourages you to continue.

It will happen eventually. If people want to know what I’ve done, I have just followed the program as set out for us, and done IF every day since the beginning. Bone broth is my absolute favourite, and I have it every day! Much love to you all. I continue to be inspired by you all daily

-Melinda xx

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