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Tara Cox | Released 22 pounds and 24 1/2” inches | USA

Before this challenge I was so frustrated that I couldn’t lose weight. I’ve followed many “diets”, workouts and weight loss programs and I was not able to make any progress besides a knee injury. The doctor told me it was a combination of my age and depression that was holding me back. The last fad I bought into that was another failure and I determined to never buy into another program. I was upset with myself spending so much money and time into things that were only surface level. When I watched the first informational video about this program I was so skeptical yet there were too many specific things I had prayed about that Deborah talked about and the more I listened, in my soul I knew there was truth in her words.

So I took a leap of faith. I decided to let go of my mistakes, failures, and everything I knew about diet and exercise and let go. I have literally rested my body, loved on myself, took time to to learn and enjoy food again rather than abuse it and baths!

I am always in a hurry but I’ve taken time for me. Over the past 30 days, my spirits have lifted, my mindset is completely shifted and I feel free. Not to mention full of knowledge that empowers me to make good decisions. The result of all of that is 22 pounds and 24 1/2” inches gone.

Looking forward to TKS and this new mindset! Many blessings to you all!

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