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The Frequency of Love (Wellbeing)

Last week I had my partner home with the big Om.  I did a number of unconventional things to manage his recovery and I want to share with you my philosophy on this.  And that is that love and connection conquers all!

Firstly though, I want to express the importance of preventing health issues, rather than waiting for health issues to arise. While proper nutrition and exercise support the physical body, other lifestyle factors play an enormous role in our immune system health and disease defense.

There is within the various elements of our immune system, a hierarchical system.  And this is where I believe people are often misguided and their focus on wellbeing too often misses the mark, so to speak. Most people focus simply on nutrition and feeding the body the physical building blocks it requires to support health. However, there are so much more to true wellbeing. 

At the top of the hierarchy, ‘energy wellness’ overrides everything. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”     – Nicolas Tesla

Modern medicine was developed based upon Newtonian Physics.  However, there is a science that overrides Newtonian Physics and that is Quantum Physics.  One might go so far as to say, that Quantum Physics in some sense, completely disproves the outdates the Newtonian perspective, in which the world is made up of matter which contains atoms and subatomic particles.  The human body is made up of cells, which are made up of molecules.  Molecules are made up of atoms which are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons.

In the quantum world, when we take a closer look at what makes subatomic particles, they realized that subatomic particles aren’t made up of energy, they are energy, and we see there is nothing but vibrational frequencies of potentials.  The entire universe as we know it, is all vibrational frequency.  Epigenetics went on to prove that what overrides physical genetic expression?  Our human consciousness. 

So, what does this mean in a practical sense for you?  By becoming aware of your own energy systems, you can raise your vibrational frequency to support health. 
Disease occurs in the energy of the body before it manifests in the physical form.  The thoughts you think are instantaneously shifting the energy in and around your body.

In many ways this is not new science.  Harold Saxton Burr what a professor at Yale university, who dedicated his life’s work to mapping out and measuring the electromagnetic energy within and around the human body, as well demonstrating that all living things including plants, and animals all have vibrational frequencies that are measurable. 

Born in 1889, he graduated Yale with his PhD in 1915 and became a professor of anatomy. His research contributed to the electrical detection of cancer cells, experimental embryology, neuroanatomy and regeneration and development of the nervous system. 
A year before his death, Burr published his book, Blueprint for Immortality (1), which showed that all living things have electrodynamic fields. Which he called the blueprint for all life. 

The ancient modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine which backdates modern medicine some 2,000 years, was also developed using meridian systems, or energy flow lines, which was later mapped out and proven by a research team at Harvard (2).

In 1994, Dr David Hawkins (3) published his book Power Versus Force which was is one of the most relevant books of our time in terms of understanding vibrational frequency.  Hawkins graduated with his PhD in 1940 from Stanford University and dedicated his life’s work to studying how emotions and thoughts affect our frequency and proved that lower vibrational emotions, also lower our immune system which leaves us vulnerable to disease.

So, when I speak about vibrational energy, it’s not ‘mumbo jumbo’, it’s proven science.  Why did modern medicine ignore this area of science?  Well, as they say, follow the dollars and you’ll find the truth. 

How then did I choose to manage having the big Om in my home?  Well for one, I did NOT isolate Eric.  He slept next to me, coughed all over me and my pillow and I wasn’t afraid of contracting in. I even cuddled him through his first night while he sweated it out. One might say I tried my hardest to get it! 

I’m not afraid of my immune system and its beautiful intelligence, I have faith in its innate power to get me through anything.  What was more important, was Eric’s healing.  He needed my touch and my love to build his immune system and to heal.  He needed me to nurse him and to provide nourishing meals and administer the right nutrients his physical body required to heal. 

The most damaging things to one’s immunity is isolation. We are by nature, creatures of love and connection.  We need physical touch and emotional contact.  In Power Versus Force, Hawkins was able to demonstrate the power of love.  Its vibrational frequency oscillates at 500 hz, while unconditional love sits at over 540 hz.  While fear oscillates at just 100.  Any emotion under 200 (courage) creates destructive patterns of energies which disrupt health. 

While I’d like to claim that I sit in the frequency of unconditional love and are therefore immune to all disease, that’s potentially my ego touting that, and God would in turn sucker punch me with some truth serum!  The truth is, I do focus on ever increasing my self-awareness to remain in the highest frequency I can.  Although I have my days when old trauma’s bite me in my ‘human-egoic butt’ at times, I know the importance of the work that we awakened souls came to this planet during these times.  We (you included) came to overcome limitations and to bring healing to this planet. 

Love overrides fear.  These really are the two only emotions.  So, as we are each faced with daily challenges of what’s going on out there in the world, we must ask ourselves, ‘am I operating in the frequency of love, or am I coming from a place of fear?’

So within, is without.  Our inner world affects not only our own energy system, but that of the collective energy system around us.  In this sense we are all one energy that is interconnected.  We must never forget the power each of us have in shifting the frequency on this planet, particularly at this time when power structures are rising and falling. 
We must hold faith in our hearts, we must not live in fear, and we must transcend our own limitations when in our moments of lack and return to love.  And at the very least we must have the courage to do so. 

Deborah xxxx

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