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Filling Your Soul Goblet

I love living on a mountain where we are occasionally snowed in. It creates a change in rhythm and a stillness that gifts us a reason to simply ‘be’. Having experienced these moments periodically throughout life, I’ve come to realise that we don’t need to be snowed in or surrounded by flooding fords to create a sacred space; we need boundaries and discipline.  

It’s so funny that it took me living in places where I’d be snowed in every now and again, or the fords around another property I owned that would sometimes flood so I couldn’t leave, to figure this out. But what it’s given me is a passion for creating space to switch off the outside world completely. No social media, phones, television or movies; just silence or soft instrumental music playing quietly in the background; a space where I can fill up my Soul Goblet.  

I know that when my Soul Goblet is running low, I need to fill it; otherwise I’m no good to anyone and can quickly become my own worst enemy. My productivity drops, I can become shorter in temper, my body aches and I start feeling ‘blah’! 

Over the years I’ve come to realise that boundaries are what keep us sane. When we have time to slow everything down, allowing our nervous systems to relax, it allows us to integrate our emotional world and come out calmer and more focused at the other end. Our space tank is full.  

Today, I’m creating a wellness day at home. I’m going to finish up my essential work this morning, let people know I’ll be unavailable for the rest of the day; then my mini-retreat will start.  

It will begin with my infrared sauna and spending an hour doing five cycles of heat and snow rolling! I love ice on my skin, but do I like it? No. Do I feel incredible afterwards? Yes.  Not only is it a physical challenge, but most importantly, it challenges my mind.  And training our mind by challenging ourselves to do scary shit is where our true growth resides. This is coming from a woman who has bungy jumped over 200 times when she was younger and all I can say is that overcoming our fear is a secret to living a full life!  

I’ll have a hot bath with Epsom salts and essential oils to follow that up with, and then I will sync in front of the fireplace for a yin yoga session.  

And then, who knows, I might even get around to doing my nails, which seem to have been neglected sometime back in 2021! Finally, I’ll nourish my family and myself with a delicious meal and have an early night. 

So when was the last time you created space to simply be, to nourish yourself and fill up your Soul Goblet? What can you do to create a space like this in your own life?

Here are some tips: 

  1. Your to-do lists are never done, so be strict around not allowing yourself to justify these to not gift yourself some space, or to think about them when you do. The lists will still be there in a few hours: this time is exclusively for you.
  2. Let people know you will be offline in case they are trying to get hold of you. I do this with my children, friends and colleagues. We are so used to having instant access to everyone at all times these days that it’s always a good idea to pull back on this in your life. It can be never-ending for most of us.
  3. Focus on the feeling you’d like to create once your Soul Goblet is full. What will it take for you to achieve that?
  4. Set up your space and prepare nourishing snacks ahead of time if you’re not fasting. I usually fast and drink lots of water; then have a nourishing light meal at the end of the day. 
  5. Light your incense and candles and play some relaxing music. I don’t recommend anything with lyrics as it will distract your mind; keep it high vibrational and calming.  Search Spotify for ‘spa playlists’ or similar. 
  6. Get yourself ready. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes or a spa robe. You might want a sexy nightie underneath to make you feel good, even if no one sees it.
  7. Use the entire day as an opportunity to meditate. As your mind wanders, bring it back into the present moment. Be curious about everything you see, touch and smell; look at the world around you with new eyes. If your mind wanders to your to-do lists and responsibilities, remember that it’s okay to give yourself permission to be still for a few hours. We are so programmed into busyness that we forget it’s okay to not be rushing all the time. Remind yourself of that. Your mind will do what you tell it to do. 
  8. Take some time to tune into your body. It can help to lie on your yoga matt or bed and simply stretch slowly like you did as a child. My grandson is 10 weeks old and while I was changing him last week, he was stretching so peacefully and naturally. We forget to do this as we grow up, which results in energy becoming blocked within the body. So, tune into any blockages and stretch like a baby!

Whatever you choose to do, just do it! So now, as I finished this blog and the snow is falling outside my window, I’m going to sign off with love and begin filling my Soul Goblet.  

Deborah xxx

PS If you haven’t checked out TKS Plus (exclusively available to TKS members), it’s the perfect way to give yourself time. And check out my monthly Soul Switch sessions! They could be just what your Soul Goblet needs.

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