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Judy | lost 35kg – Husband | lost 10kg

Out of despair, I made a choice to purchase your TKS lifestyle a year ago. I was broken and had never really dieted in my life. I had been suffering menopause symptoms for many years as well as many other ailments.

I had always been large and many people would say i was big boned therefore why try. I did not even realize that my husband had gained weight over the last few years.

I am sending you a note to thank you for changing my life.

We both started the keto lifestyle 12 months ago. My husband has lost 10kgs. I have lost 35kgs. We are now maintaining and loving the difference in our life including falling deeper in love with each other. We have more energy and clarity of mind. I have gone from size 22 to a size 10.

I have never been this size in my life. I feel really proud of both of us. At first walking past bread shops and smelling freshly baked bread was so hard. Now when we eat higher carb days our stomach’s just moan all night.

We eat sugar free chocolate and have a wine or two most nights. We do not feel like we are restricted with this lifestyle, but have a better choice of foods than what we used to eat.

Again, thank you.

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Beth | lost 35kg


Progress is still happening even though it’s not as dramatic ! I’ve now lost 40% of my body weight – I have still a way to go but every day is closer and a reminder of how much you girls have given me my life back ! Thanks TKS!!  I can’t believe I’m in the 80s – and  while that’s still not the destination – I couldn’t be happier ! 

Well it’s been 150 days on the ketogenic switch and because I don’t have access to your Facebook site – which I still find isolating , I thought I send you my pics !

Thank heavens both my sisters are now on the plan so we can share tips and recipes  and progress !

I had blood test results and my GP was blown away by my improved health through the blood works ! He said that every GP would love to see this turnaround in such a short time and was very excited !

I’ve gone from being pre diabetic to now having normal sugar and  fasting results – no longer on the road to diabetes – tick! My cholesterol is now down and my LDL  and HDL are really good – tick! My liver function has gone from fatty liver and not happy to normal – tick ! My thyroid function is as good as it can be with hashimotos but hasn’t deteriorated which is positive ! I no longer have GERD, I can walk all day And I can now wear heels for the first time in so long !

On top of this I’ve gone from a size 26 to now size 14 jeans and tops ‘ I’ve got more energy than I’ve ever had , I feel confident , healthy and people tell
Me I have the most lovely energy – I think because I’m feeling so well , healthy and more Confident in myself now  !

So now for my next progress shot – 35kg releases and over 450cm released – thanks again Deb and girl’s for turning my life around !!! Still More progress to be made but it’s about the journey not the destination!!! These jeans I wore in March !  I am also still only part way through my journey so I hope to keep you informed as I keep (more slowly now) working towards a place where my body seems happy and comfortable to stop (hoping that’s means I’m half way about now )!

I’m happy for you to share – a work colleague told me I should help to inspire other women to feel this well – I hadn’t really thought about it until she said that ! Incredibly Ketosis actually impacts your shape more dramatically and Quickly than any other plan that I’ve been on !

I see this as my new life now not a finite “diet” – I don’t ever want to stop feeling this way !

Fun fact – though sad – my waist now (and I’m in size 14 tops) is the size of one of my thighs when I started this journey – so effectively I was carrying around twice my waist in my legs !

Having said that , I always send my former self-  love , empathy and gratitude rather than ridicule  ! She taught me a lot , she was in terrible pain after a lot of life traumas including recently losing my mum and sister within months  so I  internalised emotions through food !

The mind switch was instrumental in this process – incredibly it helped me to understand that I was using my weight as a protection , to be invisible , and to avoid failure by hiding  behind and using my weight as an excuse for everything !
I used to really stress about going to the movies, going to live theatre  including walking  into shops , restaurants or sit on chairs for fear I wouldn’t be able to get down aisles in shops, fit in between tables and/or or I might break chairs! I used to have to research the size of chairs before I would book to see live theatre and didn’t want to travel in planes as I didn’t want to make others comfortable next to me or ask for an extension strap – sadly and tragically my weight held me back from Everything !

Realistically, I was punishing myself and literally  killing myself which I knew my mum and sister would have never wanted! Incredibly and sadly , only  a few short  months ago and just over 150 days ago , I used to go to sleep wondering if I would wake up the next morning as I felt so unwell !

I’ve always said behind every person carrying weight is emotional trauma they are selflessly internalising – that’s why the ketogenic switch has allowed me to love and honour my previous  self and not judge her – this judgement only really reinforces the negative self confidence which was destructive across all elements of my life !
Every other time I’ve lost weight I have hated my previous self and judged her rather than really understanding myself better and using  this in a positive way to make permanent changes as I feel I am doing now !

Thanks again for your lovely and loving encouragement girls – I’m just one of many incredible women that are turning their health around thanks to a complete ketogenic switch  change of mind and body set!

It’s truly been a privilege to have found you and thanks to my big sister, Louise  for taking us on this journey – she and  my other sis Mary and my husband are all on this journey together – between the four of us we had released over 100kgs and Mary started about 2 months behind us after she had seen our progress !

We are all so proud of each other – and encourage and build each other up through support and continual research to improve our health !

Thanks again

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Catherine Newton is an expert in mentoring Executives, Entrepreneurs, as well as Enlightened and Evolving Business-Woman-On-A-Mission.  She helps you know who you are and what your capacity is so that you can create the success you want in life and business.
While creating and running 6 figure businesses, she was also studying and teaching Universal Laws and how they apply in our everyday lives.
Catherine now combines all of her business knowledge with these laws, and has blended them into strategies that bring results.  Her keen insight helps those that have a bigger vision for themselves experience exactly how to create an amazing life and business at the level they desire.
Catherine believes that we all have hidden potential and will help you find yours while using the compassion and charisma she is well known for.