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Beth | lost 35kg


Progress is still happening even though it’s not as dramatic ! I’ve now lost 40% of my body weight – I have still a way to go but every day is closer and a reminder of how much you girls have given me my life back ! Thanks TKS!!  I can’t believe I’m in the 80s – and  while that’s still not the destination – I couldn’t be happier ! 

Well it’s been 150 days on the ketogenic switch and because I don’t have access to your Facebook site – which I still find isolating , I thought I send you my pics !

Thank heavens both my sisters are now on the plan so we can share tips and recipes  and progress !

I had blood test results and my GP was blown away by my improved health through the blood works ! He said that every GP would love to see this turnaround in such a short time and was very excited !

I’ve gone from being pre diabetic to now having normal sugar and  fasting results – no longer on the road to diabetes – tick! My cholesterol is now down and my LDL  and HDL are really good – tick! My liver function has gone from fatty liver and not happy to normal – tick ! My thyroid function is as good as it can be with hashimotos but hasn’t deteriorated which is positive ! I no longer have GERD, I can walk all day And I can now wear heels for the first time in so long !

On top of this I’ve gone from a size 26 to now size 14 jeans and tops ‘ I’ve got more energy than I’ve ever had , I feel confident , healthy and people tell
Me I have the most lovely energy – I think because I’m feeling so well , healthy and more Confident in myself now  !

So now for my next progress shot – 35kg releases and over 450cm released – thanks again Deb and girl’s for turning my life around !!! Still More progress to be made but it’s about the journey not the destination!!! These jeans I wore in March !  I am also still only part way through my journey so I hope to keep you informed as I keep (more slowly now) working towards a place where my body seems happy and comfortable to stop (hoping that’s means I’m half way about now )!

I’m happy for you to share – a work colleague told me I should help to inspire other women to feel this well – I hadn’t really thought about it until she said that ! Incredibly Ketosis actually impacts your shape more dramatically and Quickly than any other plan that I’ve been on !

I see this as my new life now not a finite “diet” – I don’t ever want to stop feeling this way !

Fun fact – though sad – my waist now (and I’m in size 14 tops) is the size of one of my thighs when I started this journey – so effectively I was carrying around twice my waist in my legs !

Having said that , I always send my former self-  love , empathy and gratitude rather than ridicule  ! She taught me a lot , she was in terrible pain after a lot of life traumas including recently losing my mum and sister within months  so I  internalised emotions through food !

The mind switch was instrumental in this process – incredibly it helped me to understand that I was using my weight as a protection , to be invisible , and to avoid failure by hiding  behind and using my weight as an excuse for everything !
I used to really stress about going to the movies, going to live theatre  including walking  into shops , restaurants or sit on chairs for fear I wouldn’t be able to get down aisles in shops, fit in between tables and/or or I might break chairs! I used to have to research the size of chairs before I would book to see live theatre and didn’t want to travel in planes as I didn’t want to make others comfortable next to me or ask for an extension strap – sadly and tragically my weight held me back from Everything !

Realistically, I was punishing myself and literally  killing myself which I knew my mum and sister would have never wanted! Incredibly and sadly , only  a few short  months ago and just over 150 days ago , I used to go to sleep wondering if I would wake up the next morning as I felt so unwell !

I’ve always said behind every person carrying weight is emotional trauma they are selflessly internalising – that’s why the ketogenic switch has allowed me to love and honour my previous  self and not judge her – this judgement only really reinforces the negative self confidence which was destructive across all elements of my life !
Every other time I’ve lost weight I have hated my previous self and judged her rather than really understanding myself better and using  this in a positive way to make permanent changes as I feel I am doing now !

Thanks again for your lovely and loving encouragement girls – I’m just one of many incredible women that are turning their health around thanks to a complete ketogenic switch  change of mind and body set!

It’s truly been a privilege to have found you and thanks to my big sister, Louise  for taking us on this journey – she and  my other sis Mary and my husband are all on this journey together – between the four of us we had released over 100kgs and Mary started about 2 months behind us after she had seen our progress !

We are all so proud of each other – and encourage and build each other up through support and continual research to improve our health !

Thanks again

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