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Judy | lost 35kg – Husband | lost 10kg

Out of despair, I made a choice to purchase your TKS lifestyle a year ago. I was broken and had never really dieted in my life. I had been suffering menopause symptoms for many years as well as many other ailments.

I had always been large and many people would say i was big boned therefore why try. I did not even realize that my husband had gained weight over the last few years.

I am sending you a note to thank you for changing my life.

We both started the keto lifestyle 12 months ago. My husband has lost 10kgs. I have lost 35kgs. We are now maintaining and loving the difference in our life including falling deeper in love with each other. We have more energy and clarity of mind. I have gone from size 22 to a size 10.

I have never been this size in my life. I feel really proud of both of us. At first walking past bread shops and smelling freshly baked bread was so hard. Now when we eat higher carb days our stomach’s just moan all night.

We eat sugar free chocolate and have a wine or two most nights. We do not feel like we are restricted with this lifestyle, but have a better choice of foods than what we used to eat.

Again, thank you.

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