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Precious Time

Meet my grandson, Ollie.

When life is so busy and you are pulled in a million different directions,
it’s easy to forget what’s most important to us…

Boundaries are so important especially when your life is so full. I’ve always been great at boundaries, but they can ruffle some feathers and I’ve learned that’s okay. Life is about the sacred times and spaces you create and the memories you make.

As a woman that works long hours and has many demands, my job is never done. And that’s okay. Some times we have to retreat regardless, and ensure that we know that love is what fulfils us and brings us the most joyous of moments in the midst of life’s storms.

When did you last take a breath and focused simply on love?

Our to-do lists will never all be ticked off. But that’s not what you’ll remember in the end. Some times we have to let go and remember the true meaning of life and why it is we strive so hard.

It’s about the little things and in my case, this little soul, who matters most to me right here and now.
My to-do lists will be there tomorrow. 

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