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Beth Arnold and Sister Louise | Total 67kg released

As I scrolled back through old photos tonight, I realised that I don’t have many full-length ones of me over the past few years…for so many reasons 💔 BUT I wanted to celebrate the release of 10kgs today with a visual reminder of what & who has been released in kilos and the deep inner healing that has been released IN me over the past 10 weeks ❤️👏🏼🙌🏼💛👑

The photo on the left is me at my heaviest, 90.5kgs (I’m 5 foot 3) in June 2018 after a 2nd marriage had collapsed & nearly killed me in the process. The photo on the right is me out for brunch with my 3 amazing daughters on Fathers Day weekend (September 3rd 2020 here in Oz) and showing off my new black linen shirt – and my fresh joy & new body!

I started on July 13 this year at 78.3kgs, I signed straight up for TKS after my friend Sarah Russell raved about the 30 day dress size challenge, after listening to me say “I’m tired of feeling sluggish ALL the time, I’m over the crazy high estriadol levels in my body, I’m sick of living with the chronic pain of 2 bulging discs in my neck from a car accident August 2019 – I’m desperate for radical change”!!

Well friends, radical change it has been!!!

My body has never had me be so kind, loving and nourishing to it in its 45 years of full-on life.

My fridge and our meals have never been so colourful and happy.

I never thought I’d be making my own kimchi and coconut yogurt, growing my own herbs and greens, batch cooking my fave proteins to make sure our fridge is stocked with easily accessible good foods to add to salads or veggie cook ups and rejoicing when my fave brand of blueberries are on sale!

BUT, this is the NEW me – the TRUE me!!!

And, I love me & I like me.

And, I respect my body for the journey that we are on… and the life that we’ve lived through… and now I choose to honour it well 🥰

When I stood on the scales this morning and it was 10.1kgs released as I start day 2 of my Week 11, (week 3 of healing in my 2nd round) I wept. Tears of joy and relief ❤️

I’m heading in the right direction towards my first goal weight and today I’m choosing to celebrate me.

I’m trusting in the process and very aware that EVERY part of the process is purposed!

(And, planning and preparation are keys for me).

My GP is blown away and super hopeful for these crazy high estrogen levels (as per bloods in May) to show significant decrease in the blood tests that i had last week, me too.

For now, I wanted to encourage you – we ARE all in this together and I’m with you and cheering you on. We’ve got this ❤️

Ps – the mindset work matters!!!

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