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Charlotte | 17.5 pounds and 32.5 inches | UK

Before was taken in July and after at the end of August.

Weight loss was 17.5 pounds and inches lost were 32.5. I went from 212 pounds down to 194.5 and changed from a 50 inch bust and hips to 46 inches; I actually found my waist. Where to start; my life has altered utterly and completely. My health has improved over 1000 percent; my eating habits have improved beyond measure and I am able to get into at least a size smaller clothes. I am so utterly delighted.

I have had a long and checkered relationship with food which has gone through many phases including starvation diets; meal replacement plans and even 2 failed gastric bands. Nothing has worked so well and so healthily as Deb’s 30DC and beyond. I have a way to go yet to get to my goal weight so have now embarked on the TKS plan with further ongoing success. Onwards and downwards I say.

With regard to my health, I had so many niggly complaints that have now either disappeared or improved greatly. I had HBP which has now reduced to normal: I had constant GERD which has totally disappeared; I was always tired and lethargic and now I have so much more energy and get up and go; I was puffing and panting whenever I moved and I really, really hurt all over; that has totally disappeared now. I had bladder leakage which has steadily improved as has my loud snoring (my husband says thanks by the way). I could go on ad Infinitum but all I can say is Deborah has totally and wonderfully changed my life.

I am only sad I didn’t discover her earlier and have just started to come to terms with the physical and psychological aspects of a truly healthy lifestyle at the ripe young age of 71.

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