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Colleen | 7.9 kgs and 88 cms | New South Wales

I would like to thank Deborah Murtagh and the wonderful TKS Dream Team for this empowering TKS journey I have been on since August1. I commenced with the 30 day one dress size challenge in which I lost 6.9 kgs and 74 cms.

To say I was astounded was an understatement. I have been dieting for about 40 years. I’m 72 now. Never have I experienced weight and body measurement loss in such a healthy wholistic way.

At the moment I’m am on a 14 day detox phase and I’m doing well on that too. While being on the detox I have released another 1 kg and a further 14 cms. So all up I’ve released 7.9 kgs and 88 cms.

This TKS program is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Not only the weight and size loss but the mindset work which teaches you to work on the issues that have led to weight gain but also teaching you how to adjust your thinking and your inner dialogue to allow your mind and body to heal and allow yourself to acknowledge that you are worth the work you have to put in to not only achieving your goal of a more healthier mind and body but to eliminate toxins from your body and to reduce or get rid of inflammation which can be the catalyst for many illnesses as we age.

I have a few more stages to go through and I’m looking forward to each one. I will be shown ways to do more healing for my body and soul and the a maintenance phase that will show me how to maintain my weight loss and how to keep it off for life.

I have no hesitation in following Deborahs educational teachings into TKS. It is the most wholistic approach to health and well being I’ve ever seen and I’ve tried every diet and weight loss plan I could get my hands. From lotions and potions to starvation diets to buying food that tasted disgusting to meal replacement shakes. That’s why I’m here with Deborah Murtagh. None of them worked. After you lost a bit of weight it would all go back on plus more when you started normal eating again.

I thank you Deborah and The Ketogenic programme for showing me the way to get my life back and heal my body and my inner being. I have not felt so well and healthy in many mnay years. I don’t remember feeling this whole before. To be seeing a me that I haven’t seen for 40 years or so.

I will never look back as you have given me the tools to be the best version of myself that I can be and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

I still have another 10 or so kilos to lose but I’m in this all the way

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