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Have you found the Switch before?

You know, that feeling when it just all comes together and everything just clicks?
That’s because you were inspired! You see creating a lasting change has nothing to do with willpower, inspiration is where it’s all going on gals!

Have you ever taken the leap to embark on a new lifestyle change and feared you might not be able to stick at it? Has that fear even prevented you from starting altogether? Or have you worried you’ll have to give up too much?  Do you believe it takes a lot of willpower to change your diet, start exercising, quit drinking or whatever other changes you’ve either made in the past or still want to make?

While willpower helps in the initial stages of change, willpower never works in the long run, but inspiration does.  Willpower is like a candle flame; it eventually burns out resulting in us returning to our default hardwired habits. If you’ve ever ‘fallen off the wagon’ it’s because you were relying on willpower to get you through, but you’ve not stepped fully into the frequency of being totally inspired to a point nothing can break you.  Wouldn’t it feel amazing if you could literally flick a switch so this never happened again? 

It’s an inspiration that ignites what I call a ‘switch’ and that takes something of great effort and turns it into something of ease!

‘SWITCH’ is an acronym for self-wisdom-inside-that-changes-habits.  And a switch is ignited through inspiration to a point that you know change is possible.

Have you ever experienced the feeling where suddenly something just ‘clicks’ and it’s then easy to stick to your new lifestyle and easy to say ‘no’ to the very things you used to do and love without any effort or thought?  Where the things that used to tempt you, no longer do?  You’ve discovered the ‘switch’.  

There’s a switch in your consciousness that literally takes you from the consciousness of someone who used to think one way, into the consciousness of someone who now thinks differently.  Over the years I’ve discovered a number of switches people that have succeeded with TKS have embodied. 

Here are a few of my tips for igniting the SWITCH:

  • The first is knowing your ‘why’
    What’s in it for you and for people around you? What vision do you hold for your future?
  • Write a list of costs and payoffs. 
    What are all the payoffs and the costs of this lifestyle change?  And what are you worried you might lose as a result?  Stack the payoffs highly in your favour!
  • Get empowered with knowledge!
    I find that listening to podcasts, watching inspiring stories on YouTube, reading books and listening to eBooks can provoke inspiration into action.  Learn whatever you can so you know more about your ‘why’ and you know what it is you need to do to step into action.  And stay on that path but keeping up your learning.
  • Write a clear action plan. 
    If you write things down, it helps the brain to organize the steps required to invoke change!
  • Set yourself small obtainable goals and non-food rewards so the reward center in your brain rewires from the ‘high’ of the addictive behavior, to a ‘high’ that comes from having a strong sense of self-worth, self-love and self-pride.  Celebrate your wins in healthy ways!

I recently filmed a webinar called The 3 Master Switches for Permanent Weight Loss and I’d love to share that with you here: https://membership.ketogenicswitch.com/free-masterclass

Feel free to share this with your friends so they can also get inspired!  You never know, it could be life-changing for them too!

Deborah xxx

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