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I studied Neuroscience and Nutrition, which helped me understand that our body is an amazing interconnected system that needs to be treated holistically – mind, body and soul – not as individual parts.
I thrive off teaching others about how the body functions so they can regain control of their health and flourish. By targeting lifestyle determinants like diet, stress, sleep patterns and gastrointestinal health I can go far deeper than treating the apparent symptoms and address the root cause of most health conditions to create lasting health.
As an avid ‘foodie’ I have always loved the process of sourcing good food, creating delicious meals and feeding everyone around me. I also have a passion for the outdoors, tramping, camping and all things in the sun!

Grace Mortimer BSc (Neuroscience), dipGrad (Human Nutrition)

Book a session with Grace Mortimer, Holistic Nutritionist

Grace specialises in:

  • ​Diabetes/insulin resistance
  • ​Cardiovascular disease
  • ​Detoxification
  • ​Digestive issues – bloating, dysbiosis, IBS
  • ​Stress and anxiety
  • ​Pre-conception care & pregnancy​

Initial Consultation

​In your initial consultation with Grace, you will carefully go through your health history and discuss your current health concerns. You will then agree on a treatment plan going forward involving positive and personalized nutritional and lifestyle changes and nutritional and/or herbal supplements if deemed necessary.

Follow Up Session

​In your followup sessions, you will discuss your progress and alter your program as and when needed. It is this ongoing relationship that allows a deeper level of healing to occur as you gradually peel off the layers of disease conditions and work on the causes not just the symptoms of any imbalances in the body.