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Are You In – Or Out Of – Alignment With Your Wishes and Dreams?

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have blueprints for each area of our life. Blueprints are the dreams, goals and visions we have in these areas. When we feel most alive, content and fulfilled, it is because we are living in alignment with our blueprints where our goals are matched by reality. The opposite is also true: when we feel unfilled, it’s because reality doesn’t match our blueprints. Another way of putting this is: expectations versus reality. 

In relationships, we all know the feeling of having unmet expectations. We have expectations of those around us, but they are rarely met in reality. If we don’t take a new approach to this, we may never find peace in these relationships. We have expectations of our family, friends, colleagues and intimate partners. Sometimes we need to take a look at ourselves and alter these expectations so that we can find a sense of peace about them not being met. I’ve often told women at my retreats that having expectations of others is one of the great mothers of all f*@# ups! That’s because each person has a free will, their own story and their own desires. So, unless we make conscious and realistic agreements with someone else, we will continue to feel a sense of disappointment. 

Some areas, like relationships, are the most challenging when it comes to blueprints, because we are not in control of them. On the other hand, areas such as our health and nutrition are solely up to us, and therefore the power lies within.

If there are any areas of your life that are causing you a sense of dissatisfaction or disharmony, or even leading to anxiety or depression, take a few moments to sit and reflect on what your vision is for that area of your life. Is your blueprint matched by reality? If not, how far is that gap? The further the gap, the more discord you’ll feel within.

Once you identify these gaps, you have two choices:

  • Change your blueprint to match reality by becoming content and at peace with where you are right now.  
  • Change your reality to match your blueprint. Set goals, make decisions and step into that vision you have for your life.  

Sometimes we have to do a little of both and find a happy medium.  

Another layer to this is being in full alignment with our values and living a life of congruence within ourselves. We may deeply want a healthy and vitality-strong body, yet in reality, we aren’t taking the actions to make that happen. Weeks, months and years slip by making it even harder to get on track and stay on track. What then happens, over time, is that the mountain becomes too big to climb and before we know it, we might even become apathetic toward the things we deeply desire for ourselves. We may tell the outside world that we are happy just the way we are when deep down there is a longing to live a healthy life. I believe the soul desires an abundance of energy and wellbeing, so it can live its best life here in the only body it gets!  

Here are some questions for you to ponder this week:

• Are you living in congruence with what you deeply desire for your health and wellbeing blueprint?

• How would life feel if you were? 

• What is one habit you could change today that might lead you towards your blueprint? 

• Which action can you take today to begin stepping closer to the vision you have for yourself?  

Here’s to being in alignment with our wishes and dreams, and creating the blueprint for the life that we truly aspire to! 

Lots of love
Deborah xxx

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