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Looking After Number One: 10 Mini Self-care Goals For Sustained Wellbeing

So, we’re halfway through January already, and it doesn’t take long for the holidays and downtime to seem like a distant memory. And I bet, as we ‘fly’ back into our daily routines, those New Year’s resolutions we made just a couple of weeks ago, are at risk of becoming a distant memory too, am I right? 

Personally, I’m a firm believer that New Year’s resolutions don’t work. That’s likely because we usually have these ambitious aspirations just because it’s that time of year – often after a few New Year’s Eve tipples – and because we haven’t planned or thought our intentions through properly. Or maybe we have set ourselves goals that are so huge that we find it impossible to follow through with them.

The good news is, there are several simple, achievable mini goals that we can implement into our routines in order to set ourselves up for a happier, healthier life ahead, starting right now! After all, wellbeing, happiness and being content and at peace with ourselves begin by looking after Number One, both for our own sake and the loved ones in our wake! So I encourage you to take your pick from the following self-care suggestions…

Have a cold shower first thing in the morning, even if it’s frosty outside. This will instantly wake up your brain, improve your mental clarity, energise your body and boost your mood. Try to go for at least 30 seconds at a stretch or alternate between hot and cold showers; then try to build up the cold component to 2 or 3 minutes as your body adjusts.

Write down 5 things that your are grateful for when you wake up. We all too often moan and groan about the difficulties in our lives, or that endless to do list that needs tackling. But if we take a few minutes and just reflect on what we already do have, it’s amazing how this can instantly change our perspective on life and create a positive mindset. Something as seemingly simple as being able to breathe is a massive gift, if you think about it, and worth appreciating.

• Speaking of breath, taking five to 10 deep belly breaths whenever you start feeling a little frazzled or out of whack can work wonders for both body and soul. This is such an easy yet effective way to combat overwhelm and it can help us juggle life big time when we feel stressed.

Go for a walk, preferably in a natural setting. Forest, beach, bush or walking on grass (or in the snow if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) are good options. Take your shoes off (if the weather allows) so you can practise some earthing. Being with nature and connecting your feet to the earth is a wonderful way to connect to Mother Nature, ground yourself, de-stress and feel calm.

  • Take your favourite naughty food and create a healthy, wholesome, keto-friendly version of it, whether it’s a pasta dish or a yummy dessert. There are plenty of options for this in our TKS program for one. So get into the kitchen, take your time to explore, enjoy and avoid FOMO in the process!
  • Bring colour into your life! Paint your nails in a colour you haven’t tried before. Dare to be bold (go green, blue or bright pink) and feel how liberating this can be. And: Wear a bright colour today (or every day of the month if you wish). Choose a colour that aligns with a chakra that needs a bit of TLC (such as blue to enhance or address your throat chakra and your ability to speak your truth) and wear it with pride! This is a wonderful way to tap into your girlie side, celebrate your femininity and feel joy!
  • Catch up with a friend who you haven’t connected with for a while, and who you know will nurture your soul and put a smile on your dial. We all have those lovely humans in our life! Don’t just text or message them via Facebook, but connect with them face to face if you if they’re close by, or arrange a video call if they live far away or abroad. Seeing each other in person (or each other’s faces virtually at least) ist just so much more fulfilling and uplifting!
  • Read one chapter of a book each day. Make it a real book, not just an audiobook or kindle, but the ‘old school’ tangible version that takes you away from the computer screen and its ‘synthetic’ lighting. I love doing this at night when I’m snuggled up in bed as it’s a wonderful way for me to unwind from the day’s activities and taking my mind off work. Reading at night is also brilliant for easing yourself into a natural, restorative sleep.
  • Enjoy an Epsom salt foot bath. This will draw toxins out of your footsies and your entire body. Add some lavender essential oil for a calming and soothing effect that will leave your feet feeling wonderfully soft as well. This is a lovely pre-bed ritual that will help ease you into a deep sleep.
  • Listen to a soothing meditation or indulge in a yin yoga session just before you go to bed to promote deep, restful sleep. I love this meditative sound bowl yin yoga class on You Tube and highly recommend you try it. You can watch it here.

    Implementing one or more these simple self-care goals is bound to set you up for a happy, healthy, nurturing start to your day, month or year ahead and beyond. Like I said, one of the most important things we can do for ourselves – and others – is to begin by looking after ourselves and enjoy doing it!

    Deborah xxx

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