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Our approach reflects the people we serve.

We are diverse, yet the same.

Building a phenomenal life doesn’t just happen; it begins with a vision, aligning with that vision, and taking action when the path appears!

Deborah Murtagh, Founder

That’s why we can all fall into a pattern of self-sabotage.
But there is also a lot of bad dietary advice out there, and even when you are doing everything right, your weight may not budge!!

We all have an Inner Coach and an Inner Critic. Whoever you’re listening to will determine your success!

Recent posts

The Brown Fat Secret to Weight Loss
“If I continue to follow the TKS food plan once I’ve reached my goal weight, will my metabolism slow down due to the calorie intake being lower than that of a ‘standard’ diet?” This is a question I have often …
The Elixir of Fasting!
Until recent times, fasting has been a natural part of human evolution. In our modern world, however, there is an abundance of food choices and the supermarket provides us with an endless supply of not only fresh, but also processed, …
Challenging the Beauty Myth – “I am enough”: From ‘body beautiful’ to unconditional self-love
Have you ever gazed at a child with admiration while they run around completely comfortable in their own skin? A baby never plays with their feet and criticises their delightful rolls, they never stop to question if they should hold …
Mind over Matter: Say “Yes” to Life by Committing to a Mission Impossible!
Last week I embarked on an epic adventure that not only challenged my physical endurance in a major way, but was also the biggest mindset test I’d put myself through in years. A few months ago, Eric and I met …


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