Hi! I am Vicky Hilton, alias Starbright. I am 59 and Oma to two, with one beautiful daughter and a loving husband.  I live in rural Kaipara, Northland, New Zealand.  I have been on an experiential journey to improve my health following a cancer scare, low energy, unexplained aches and pains.  I have been following the TKS lifestyle for over 3 years.

During this adventure I released 17Kg and pain free.  I have learned what my body loves and how to care for it to obtain optimal health.  I have also supported my husband with his type 2 diabetes to stablise blood sugars and reduce medications.   I love being a coach and learning all the cool biochemistry and how our body repairs itself with the right conditions. I have worked with over 60 clients worldwide in groups and one to one to transform. 

Here is some of the comments:

I released 23kg, got rid of Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and have been in maintenance for 2.5 years. I could probably be 5kg lighter but I’m happy where I am.   Kate

Personally, without Vicky’s vast and varied expertise, understanding and support I would have floundered.  Not all weeks were easy but through our weekly consults we came up with a personal plan that overcame the physical and mental challenges.  Knowing that I had weekly resources, support, and if needed, only a text away; made all the difference to setting me on the path to health and wellbeing.   

I will never regret and be forever grateful to Vicky for this ‘not only’ food but wellbeing programme, where I can look forward to a more happy and healthy future.  Going ‘solo’ is not overwhelming as I feel I have gained the knowledge to support myself going forward. I strongly recommend that others consider this path to all that is brighter ~ you cannot put a price on your health and wellbeing!VM

I have lost 8kg in only 6 weeks. It is amazing Vicky’s support as I never thought I could do this as I was always known as the chubby one. It is not only about weight and health, this has given me tools to change my life.  Rachel

As a coach, I can give you the tools and support to succeed.  Mindset is a large component of successful weight loss and health.  Helping women to release old behavioural patterns, like triggering emotions and self-sabotage to establish lifelong new beliefs and behaviours.   Understanding why we have cravings and what is my body trying to say to me.  I love teaching people the reason behind cravings and change eating habits.

I help women to look good and feel great in their bodies through managing weight loss and improving health.

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