SwitchAura Launch Information

🔔 Information on this page is subject to change and is being updated throughout the launch period. – Last updated: 08/11/2022.

Information on the SWITCHAura Launch can be found below, including a simple timeline of when access is likely to be granted and an FAQ section to answer some of the common questions around the launch.

Confirmed Timeline

DateEventCustomers AffectedNotes
🟢 In Progress✉️ Cohort 5: Invitations to join SwitchAura (+TKS Lite)Only TKS Lite Customers – Including Cancelled TKS & Inactive SubscriptionsLikely to complete by 20/10/22

Completed Migration Stages

DateEventCustomers AffectedNotes
✅ Cohort 1: First invitations to join SwitchAura (+SOS)Only SOS (formerly TKS+ Customers)These customers will have limited access to both TKS and SoulSwitch upon sign-up.
21/09/2022✅ Cohort 2: Invitations to join SwitchAura (+SwitchFast)Only SwitchFast CustomersThese customers will have access to both SwitchAura and SwitchFast only (+ SOS if applicable)
29/09/2022✅ Cohort 3: Invitations to join SwitchAura (+TKS)Only TKS Lifetime CustomersAll invitations for TKS Lifetime Customers have now been sent via email.
15/10/2022✅ Cohort 4: Invitations to join SwitchAura (+TKS)Only TKS Customers – Active SubscriptionsAll invitations for TKS Active Customers have now been sent via email. *
08/11/2022✅ Cohort 6: Invitations to join Whole Food SecretsWFS CustomersAll invitations for Whole Food Secrets have now been sent via email.
08/11/2022✅ Cohort 7: Invitations to join Science Of Emotional….SOE Customers All invitations for Science Of Emotional Eating have now been sent via email.
01/11/2022🎉 SwitchAura LIVE to the Public!ALLSWITCHAura is now LIVE to all customers.
* Please note if you are a 2x Pay or Quarterly Customer, you will have been offered an alternative plan to replace your previous plan.

How it works

For each cohort of customers, invitations will be sent with a unique join link via email on the date according to the expected timeline above.

For example, if you are a TKS Customer, then you should expect to receive your invitation week commencing 26th of September.

Important Notes when you sign up:

We’re changing our Billing System:

  • ❔ Why? – To give you more control over your billing, and to centralize everything. This will allow us to provide a far higher level of service moving forwards.
  • 💳 SwitchAura app will be the new system that controls billing across all Deborah’s products moving forwards. At the point of you moving over to SwitchAura, you will be asked for your payment details.
  • ✅ It’s important to note, that you will not be charged up-front if you have an existing subscription such as TKS. You will only be charged for a subscription at the point of renewal / re-bill. Please see the screenshot below for an example:
Note the Annual Subscription does not start until the 21st of Sep 2023 and the “Due Today is $0.00”.

Other important notes:

  • 💵 Pricing is Locked-In – your subscriptions, will renew at the original pricing you were offered when you first purchased.
  • 🔑 Invitations are unique to you. Do not pass them or share them, it could cause issues with your billing profile.
  • ❌ Sign-up once – If you sign-up and then cancel, your free trial period will be void, if you decide to sign-up again.
  • 📚 Course Materials are moving to the new platform. If something is missing, let us know, and we will make sure it’s fixed. We also will be keeping up the previous member pages for now, so you will still be able to access all the information you need.
  • 👭 Community is also moving to the new platform eventually. We will be making some announcements in the near future regarding the Facebook Groups, but until then, they will remain up and running.

How to sign-up to SwitchAura: 

  1. Click the link provided in your email. Not recieved your email yet? Please check the timeline above. If you believe you should have had it, please reach out to our support team and we will be glad to look into it for you. Remember this is your unique invitation link, so be sure not to share this to avoid issues with your subscription.
  2. On the Landing Page, click the button “TRY FREE”.
  3. Fill in your details to set up your new account, or alternatively sign up using an existing account with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Apple.
  4. Add your Profile Picture – you can skip this step and come back to it later if you prefer!
  5. Add your Billing Details –  Don’t worry, you have a free trial to cover any existing subscription, so nothing will be taken up-front

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already provided billing details when I purchased my original product, why do I have to enter them again? 

We are moving all our billing over to the SwitchAura app, this allows you to self-manage your subscription and give you full control over billing. 

Q: But I’ve already paid, will my previous subscription roll over to SwitchAura?

We have added in free trials to your existing subscriptions based on the time you should have left and we have added an additional month of access! You will get the full benefits of what you have already paid for plus some additional time as a thank you for being a founding member!

Q: When will I be billed?

You will only be billed once your free trial expires. The next billing date will be shown at checkout (See screenshot above!)

Q: What happens to my old subscription? Will I be billed twice?

Your old subscription will be cancelled automatically once you sign up to SwitchAura. You will not be billed twice. Remember you will be able to cancel any time using the SwitchAura app yourself.

Still unsure?

Not found the answers your looking for? – Please speak to our wonderful support team: support@ketogenicswitch.com we’re on-hand to help.