Starting on the 9th February , Deborah will be personally guiding you through your choice of either a 1-day, 3-day or go the distance and join our 5-day fast. There’s no need to decide on which one now; you can change your mind once we kick off.

Last year Deborah and Grace guided 50 women through a 5 day fast
as part of their Coded for Growth 8-week program.
It was a HUGE success!

As Deborah personally does a 5-day fast each year,
she’s decided to invite you to join her.

The program will include a 10-day plan (starting on the 6th February) with a private group where we teach the best safety practices of fasting, how to prepare your mind and body for the fast, and then daily check in’s throughout the fast and then a few days post-fast as you reintroduce food and stabilize your results.

Deborah will be doing daily lives throughout the 10 days, she will be performing live ketone blood tests to show you what happens during the fast, and taking all your questions.

Fasting has a multitude of benefits, including next-level autophagy, where the body breaks down toxic and damaged cells and recycles them into proteins to heal and repair the body. Used in her cancer protocols, 5-day fasting is known for its ability to shut down the mTOR pathway, which is a way cancer cells thrive from protein metabolism.

As a health preventative measure, Deborah believes that fasting is a longevity tool and helps stimulate homeostasis and brings our body and immune system back into balance while eliminating inflammation.

Who should fast?

  • Anyone struggling to stick to their diet and struggling to get started again
  • Anyone with chronic health conditions resulting in inflammation and pain
  • Anyone who wants to prevent disease
  • Anyone who wants to keep the body youthful, this is a longevity practice!
  • Anyone struggling with energy & fatigue who wants the benefits of a next-level detox & system reset
  • Anyone who is interested in the benefits of fasting and wants to be part of a facilitated group fast to gain confidence
  • Anyone who has excess weight to lose and wants to learn this tool as a strategy
  • Anyone with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance
  • Anyone with fatty liver syndrome, that would like a safe and effective way of reversing this condition
  • Anyone with high cholesterol levels

Who should not fast?

  • Anyone with a history of eating disorders
  • Anyone with known high cortisol that is uncontrolled as fasting can cause an initial increase in cortisol (for around 24 hours) which can lead to an increase in blood pressure. This is very rare but worth pointing out. 

This is a health program first, weight loss second.  We want to empower you to learn the benefits of fasting, what physiological changes occur each day of your fast, and also inspire you to have the mindset to sustain you through. 

One of the biggest myths about fasting is that people believe they will not have enough energy. NOT TRUE!  In fact, from day 3 of your fast your energy levels will dramatically improve.  In fact, Deborah is always fasting when leading events as it aids her mental clarity and gives her sustained energy to perform at her best. 

When is the best time to fast?

Anytime!  In fact, the busier you are, the better!  So, there are no excuses!

Anyone travelling away from home that can’t access healthy food. Both Deborah and Dr Matt, often fast while travelling. Dr Matt is known to frequently do 10-fasts while on his motorcycle trips as it saves him from having to find healthy food and keeps his mind razor sharp and focused. 

What to expect:

Once you are enrolled, you’ll be invited to join our private group in our new app SWITCHAURA on the 27th of September a few days before the event begins. This is where we will have your fasting protocol set up and a community feed for you to share your journey with other members. Deborah will also begin daily pop-up lives directly through the app!  You’ll receive a popup notification directly to your phone, and you can always catch up on these afterwards.  Grace and Deborah will also have scheduled events within the app, which you’ll be able to RSVP and join at the push of a button (or catch up on these when it’s convenient to you).

This really is an outstanding opportunity to next-level your health and weight loss goals and kick off this spring & summer feeling fantastic!  Fasting alone can be a huge challenge or even impossible for most, so doing this as part of a community all going through exactly what you are going through will mean you’ll stick at it and be inspired every step of the way! 

Participants should be in ketosis prior to beginning the fast which will start on day 4 of your 10-day program. You can begin during any phase of TKS. Or you can begin eating to plan on day 1 or 2 so your body is ready to fast from day 4.
The fast begins on day 4.  We begin with a 2 day ‘soft introduction’ with the option bone broths with butter/coconut bombs. 3-5 servings a day. Plus herbal teas.
Days 3-5 are water and herbal teas only (trust me you won’t be hungry and will have lots of energy) and we know you can do it and will be cheering you on! Remember you also have your community to chat with throughout and inspire each other!
From day 9 we reintroduce food and settle into our healthy eating regime to consolidate your progress.
Expected weight loss depends on your body fat percentage. The average woman will lose 5 kg excluding water loss from achieving nutritional ketosis of the initial 1-2 kg.
It’s normal to regain 1-2 kg however this fluctuates depending on how you eat when returning to food, but Deborah and Grace will guide you through this process to ensure maximum long term results.  Keep in mind that fasting creates an outstanding reduction in inflammation and as an overall result the body is calmer and therefore carry’s less fluid. Inflammation = fluid retention.

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