Hi! I am Sharon Williams. I have a Genuine Passion for helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams, through mind, body and soul, bringing about lasting change and freedom for my clients. Sometimes breaking down decades of old patterns and beliefs, to help them holistically transform themselves.

I can help Provide you with the knowledge, tools, accountability and support to empower you to overcome any obstacles you may have had in the past to finally find freedom and success in overcoming old patterns to find a new fresh you.

I Know what it takes to overcome years of dieting, Trauma, stress and being in the morbidly obese category, I have lived where you may be coming from now, I have lived this life so I can provide insights to old patterns of behavior you may not recognize in yourself currently on why you are stuck in the same pattern or cycle

I am about to turn 45 years old in 2023, I live in Katikati Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. I have one 9-year-old Boy who I refer to as my miracle after 10 years of trying Ivf And IUI, I have also recently supported my husband for the last 20 months though his stage 4 Bowel cancer diagnosis, having also just been through his death, I have the tools to help you with grief, trauma and recovery to move forward with your life with any blockages you may be holding onto,

I would love to hold your hand and walk you through this process at your pace to get long lasting change and freedom for you to achieve your deepest desires and goals. What is stopping you from achieving everything you have always dreamed of?

Book a session with me to help you on your way. LOVE & LIGHT

Sharon Williams

Stunning Transformations NZ Limted

Health & Wellness coach