Switch Fast 2x Bundle ($USD)



This is your opportunity to reset your health and weight goals under the personal guidance of Deborah and Grace

Deborah will be doing daily lives throughout the 10 days, she will be performing live ketone blood tests to show you what happens during the fast, and taking all your questions.

Fasting has a multitude of benefits, including next-level autophagy, where the body breaks down toxic and damaged cells and recycles them into proteins to heal and repair the body.  Used in her cancer protocols, 5-day fasting is known for its ability to shut down the mTOR pathway, which is a way cancer cells thrive from protein metabolism.

As a health preventative measure, Deborah believes that fasting is a longevity tool and helps stimulate homeostasis and brings our body and immune system back into balance while eliminating inflammation.

*  By purchasing this SWITCHFAST product you confirm that you DO NOT have any eating disorders


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USD $149