“Ladies, would you agree that it’s time for a re-set?

I believe NOW is THE perfect time for this!”

– Deborah

Deborah is known for her ability to immediately help clients find their core beliefs and weight loss blocks. 

In this rare opportunity you can book a 75 minute appointment with Deborah Murtagh. (Until sold out!)
You will have the opportunity to share your weight loss story 1:1 with her and she will help you identify the major blocks that are getting in your way.

• Together you’ll come up with an action plan in order to heal your life and overcome your blocks.
• You’ll get clear about what’s in your way.
You’ll clarify your next steps.
You’ll re-light that fire in your belly (Deborah’s superpower).

Think of that sense of satisfaction you’ll be toasting to on 31st December when you look back realising how this re-set was game-changing!

Deborah is a firm believer that diet and weight loss have nothing to do with food and nutrition – we know what we should be doing… So why aren’t we doing it?

The reasons why we aren’t doing it comes down to our programming from early childhood. There is an invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the results we get, the way we live our lives, the way we love, and the way we show up in the world. 

Her specialty is her gift in helping people see what this invisible force is, that they don’t usually see (or can’t see) and being able to come up with a solution or a prescription to how they can rewire lifelong programs and patterns.

Deborah can help you reveal your deepest programming that is stopping you from having the life (and the weight!) you want so you can once and for all address and overcome the recurring patterns in your life.

She has had over 20,000 hours clinical experience working 1:1 specialising in women’s weight loss. 

She works very intuitively with clients and asks the right questions so they can uncover for themselves the blocks.

Deborah has graduated coaches that she has personally trained who are available to facilitate the ongoing coaching if you choose to pursue it.

An appointment with her will be extremely powerful and will change your life, cutting through YEARS of trying to figure this out on your own.

You’ll be feeling like a different person by the end of our time together. Now really is the ideal time to re-ignite that passion, for what you really wanted your life and weight to look like when you started the year... because you didn’t come this far to only come this far!

PS: I can pretty much guarantee you will leave feeling like a completely different person (that’s my #1 goal!), also it’s just what happens when I work 1:1 with people. I won’t be holding back in helping you!

Love Deborah


Dates are from March to June 2022 so don’t miss this opportunity!

Private Consultation via Zoom:
75 minute appointment
USD $460

Private Consultation via Zoom:
75 minute appointment
plus a Follow-up Consultation via Zoom:
50 minute appointment
USD $780

  • Should you need to cancel your appointment, the will be a non-refundable admin fee of US$50.
    By purchasing a consult you agree by these terms.