Hi! I am Jo Small, a Certified Metabolic Mindset Coach, my goal is to support YOU to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, filled with more self-confidence, if that’s what YOU desire.

By changing your mindset and by making subtle changes in your awareness of how the body uses food as a fuel, I will also support you to:

Improve your physical health and mental alertness.

Keep off unwanted kilos and

Enjoy the benefits of improved self-confidence.

I have successfully supported many people- ladies and their partners, to achieve lasting results by coaching them to reframe their mindset around their relationship with food.

Many of my clients have said they experienced feeling:

More energy and vitality

Less aches and pains, and

That they have enjoyed better sleep

Some couples have even reported that it has improved their sex lives and strengthened their relationship.

So, the big questions are “Are you open to new possibilities?” and “are YOU ready to make this change?”

If you are, then I am here for you, so contact me today.


Email: joannemsmall@hotmail.com

Website: www.ToJolife.com.au