Hi! I am Hana Bruins, a Weight loss and mindset coach trained and certified by Deborah Murtagh. I am here to help you to transform your life.  I live in the UK with my husband, son, and daughter. I love engaging with people, I love nature, gardening, and animals. I am as well a qualified accountant and totally understand the pressures of corporate life and what impact the stress can have on our well-being and general health..

I found this amazing way of living at the point of my life when I was overweight, menopausal, and physically and mentally burned out. Generally, I was not in a good place. I was ready to give up and choose medications as a solution. I have been a serious yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life and like most of us, I have tried and failed every diet under the sun.                                                                                                                                     

When not on a diet, I was overeating and “treating” myself to chocolate, crisps, and wine. We all know, this only leads to putting on more weight, creating self-blame and self-sabotage, and results in unhappiness and pain. I was totally stuck. All I can say is that TKS saved my life. As soon as I mastered the MINDSET work, of course, there were slip-ups, but the transformation was unbelievable! I am now in full health, lost 12kg, I do not need any medications, menopause symptoms have disappeared, I sleep like a baby and I have so much energy. And on top of that, I am a much, much nicer person and love my job.

I was always interested and passionate about nutrition, the human body, how the mind works, and what motivates people. My decision to change my life and re-train as a weight loss and mindset coach comes from my firm belief that all of us deserve to feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

So I am here to help you to achieve your goals, provide you with advice, and support, keep you accountable,  and cheer you up on your healing journey.

I have now successfully supported many lovely ladies through their TKS journey. And I would be so happy to work with you and help you to achieve your goals too.

Let’s connect and make it happen.

Lots of love Hana xx


Email: hanabruins.wellness@gmail.com

I have never met Hana Bruins yet she has managed to have a profound effect on my life! TKS is truly life changing and looking back I realise how invaluable it has been to have the help and assistance of a consultant whose wealth of knowledge and professional training made the journey so much easier.  Throughout the constant ups and downs Hana was there with a smile and an understanding ear, she listens to my concerns and provides positive advice.  My triumphant weeks brought her joy and my failures were always met with uplifting suggestions that enabled me to progress further with a lighter heart. Hana truly believes in the ketogenic switch and it’s this belief that encourages me to explore every aspect of this lifestyle, she guides me through diet, mindset, self love and development.  From the discipline of staying on task to the importance of relaxation and meditation, her sense of balance is exceptional and an important key to my success. It is important to Hana that she gets to know me as a person and I find that very refreshing, it enables our interactions to become relaxed thus creating a perfect platform for the discussion of more personal and sensitive issues.  Hana truly makes a difference! I have a long way still to go on my journey but with Hana as my consultant I know I will succeed.  Pauline

I worked with Hana over 8 weeks. I found Hana to be extremely approachable; she exudes warmth and acceptance. I found myself wanting to share with her some of my personal struggles and I have always felt comfortable being vulnerable with her. She has a beautiful laugh which brightens my day! Despite coming off the rails at one point I never felt judged by Hana. She just gently guided me back to the place I really wanted to be. Apart from that one time, working with Hana really helped me keep motivated and supported to stay on track. Hana helped me understand parts of the TKS plan better, and also my general health situation. If she didn't know the answers she went away and got them which I found really supportive. I have finished the 8 weeks with a drop on the scales that I am happy with, but more importantly than that a better understanding of what I need to do to make the plan work for me, and a deeper understanding of my mindset and how I can use it to my advantage to reach my health goals. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Hana and I would recommend her in a heartbeat. BH.

This was my second round of TKS, and Hana’s counsel and handholding has no doubt been the secret of success for me this round (19.1kg in 8 weeks). (I tend to dodge ‘accountability’ seeing it as pressure I can do without.) Her support is not overpowering or judgemental (which I find some of the TKS FB group comments can be), and her gentle (yet firm when required) guidance and encouragement have really worked in keeping me on the right path. Her enthusiasm and positivity for the difference my success will make to all areas of my life is infectious – it has made such a difference. I would not hesitate to recommend Hanna as a coach. DH

Hana Is very diligent and thorough In her approach. I have seen It from my food plan which Hana helped me to prepare. She Is thoroughly committed to her work, she Is passionate about helping women and understands their needs. She took menopause and burn-out Into consideration. Hana has amazing sense of compassion and understands that life has Its challenges. She has a strategic approach which Is mixed with compassion for human nature. This Is the best balance of the brain, strategy, knowledge science and being very thorough. Hana Is as well non judgmental If you go off the plan, but helps me to refocus and carry on. She Is a fabulous woman and I was very grateful to work with her. Sarah B.