Hi! I am Gillian Robbie. I am a Deborah Murtagh trained Metabolic Mindset and Ketogenic Switch Coach.

Having worked as an Accountant for nearly 40 years, I like numbers and formulas.  But years of eating a low fat diet and reducing calories to lose weight did not give consistent results and was not predictable. It was confusing and frustrating that the Calories In – Calories Out formula did not work for me.

I now know that this is because our bodies need Nutrition, not just calories.

By following The Ketogenic Switch lifestyle I have improved my health which has then enabled my body to release weight. I am enjoying the many benefits of losing weight and even though I still have weight to lose I know that this program works.

Because of the science and proven results from following The Ketogenic Switch I decided to train as a TKS Coach. I want to help and guide women like me who have struggled with yoyo dieting, low energy and health problems.

As your coach I will empower and guide you through both the dietary and Mindset components. Although my clients often resist doing the Mindset work it is critical to achieving permanent health and wellness improvements. I would love to help you reclaim your health and to lose that stubborn excess weight and keep it off permanently. Every decision you make takes you closer to your goal or away from it.

Say “Yes” and give yourself the gift of optimal health and wellness that you deserve.

Best wishes, Gillian

Wellness with Gillian


Email: wellnesswithgillian@gmail.com