Hi! I am Gail Ziegelmeier, a Deborah Murtagh Certified Health and Weight loss Coach. I am passionate about The Ketogenic Switch lifestyle because it has transformed my entire life. I have released over 70lbs(32kg), and not only has my body changed, but because of the reduction in inflammation, my aches and pains have all but disappeared. I sleep better, have more mental clarity and endless energy and because of all these factors, my self-confidence has made a return. I feel lighter body, mind, and spirit.

I am excited to help women of all ages transform their lives by adjusting their eating patterns, identifying their emotional triggers and stop sabotaging themselves. My goal is to help women get back to their original design, by shedding the weight, they are carrying in their body, mind, and spirit. I love sharing my own weight loss journey as an encouragement and then in turn encourage women on their unique journey until they are in a place of victory over yo-yo dieting.

I am a fun-loving people person, married with two beautiful daughters. I love walks along the ocean, reading, watching movies and being creative using my pottery wheel.

Having worked in the Medical Science industry for much of my life I have a good understanding of the way our bodies work and the science behind diet. 

Reach out and let me help you !


Email: gailziegs@gmail.com

Tel: +1 604 355 8824

Wednesday afternoons I smile thinking I have a zoom meeting with Gail and lady friends that evening. We have all bonded and our friendships have grown during the last 11 months. As a testimonial, we all will continue in her group.

For another round of friendship, growth and learning about our bodies. I have grown and learned more about mindset, weight loss and surprisingly about myself.  It is wonderful having a safe place to share and I have learned about myself which was more than I anticipated.  I am learning to speak up and share who I am as well, big win!

Gail has been encouraging and like a big sister, she lovingly shares her challenges and wins.  She is professional and researches the lessons she guides us through that we can print and follow While she shares breathing techniques, recipes, the effects of eating healthy and much more.

I look forward to all of the sisters in Gail’s group “wonderful Wednesday women” as we continue to grow together under Gail’s tutelage… Kathy K

 I’ve been fortunate to be in a coaching group , with Gail Zeigelmeier, for almost a year. Her intelligence, humor, kindness and wisdom have made the group a safe haven for all of us. We learn a lot, while also experiencing the kind of support that can only come from a leader who is able to create a truly safe container. We are all very different women, who may never actually meet , in real life, but thanks to Gail, I feel as if I’m meeting , via zoom, with dear friends, every Wednesday evening. Thank you, Gail! Deborah B

Gail is a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate group leader. I have loved working with her! She is supportive of all who attend. Highly recommend her. Paula H

I would highly recommend signing up for coaching with Gail. She is knowledgeable, meets you where you are and helps you reach your goals. All with warmth, humour, caring and a sense of humour. She is truly a lovely person and committed to your success. Helene K