Hi! I am Ashley Palmer. Menopause saw my weight go up and up, it was exhausting and demoralising. The inflammation was leaving me in so much pain and I was also sick of having a foggy brain, hot sweats and raging hormones. Thank goodness I found this programme over 3 years ago. Literally, within weeks my symptoms started to ease and then disappear.

I went from feeling frumpy and old to confident, lighter (4 dress sizes) and back in control of my life. And this is what I want to offer every lady out there that wants the same and more.

As an experienced Psychotherapist, I know how the mind and body can sabotage your goals and dreams. We can become slaves to our inner critics and negative belief systems, it’s exhausting. We don’t have to live this way or feel this way any longer because we also have an inner coach that is just waiting to be discovered and unleashed.

As your coach, I’m here to help you become the architect of your own health and happiness: to help you discover and thrive as the very best version of you: mind and body.

If long -term weight loss is your goal, please know that the work we do together can offer you so much more than weight loss alone. If you are ready to embrace a body that rewards you with energy, mental clarity, control, self-belief and self-love, then I would be privileged to help guide you through The Ketogenic Switch (TKS) programme.

I would love to have had 1-1 guidance, support and also someone to be accountable to and that’s why I felt compelled to qualify as a coach and offer this incredible opportunity to others. I have eaten this way for over 3 years now and I know it works like nothing I’ve ever tried before.

There is no better time than now to reward yourself with the best gift possible: Happiness, health and vitality inside and out.

Ashley Palmer x


Email: ashley@theflclinic.com

Website:  www.theflclinic.com