The path toward health and wholeness is a courageous journey of a lifetime and, if we are willing, it is one that guides us toward who we are truly meant to be. When taken alongside the loving support of a community,
that experience is all the richer and more beautiful; we lift others up when we feel strong and, at other times, are aided and encouraged when the load becomes too heavy to carry alone. Aloha is honoured and delighted to be part of the Deborah Murtagh coaching team and a fellow sojourner in your life-changing adventure.

Aloha’s rich and varied background in a variety of professions inform her decisions and aid her ability to guide her clients with grace, compassion and wisdom. As an artist and entrepreneur, and Deborah Murtagh trained coach, she is able to apply creative thinking, intuitiveness, empathy and humour to challenges presented and help clients do the same. 

Aloha has experience the Ketogenic Switch Program because she has walked the weight loss journey herself. Having tried many, many “diets” only to gain it back and more, she was thrilled that within two weeks of joining TKS, the change was dramatic; inflammation busted, ongoing aches and pain nearly gone and improved sleep. And at four months, her blood work was all normal and the need for Type 2 Diabetes meds gone! And oh yes, she was losing inches and releasing weight…to date…85 lbs! But that was only a part of the story. The Ketogenic Switch works because it addresses the whole person. How a person gets to where they are on the scale is multi-faceted. In order to address that there is a need to understand “ME”. That requires ongoing Mindset work…life work…looking inside…Healing. In Aloha’s case, some of it has been uncovering and unlearning a lifetime of learning…rebuilding. She has “lost weight” before but never really seen or understood herself. This time—she can actually see and feel who she is becoming. She is different. She is fully “ME.” Gratitude overflows.

Aloha loves to relax by reading, creative projects of many kinds and taking walks in the forest by her house. She also adores her four grown children (and one grandbaby), and cherishes hanging out with them whenever possible for game nights,, coffee, holidays and talking “stuff”. She has been married to Reid for 31 years.

We have benefitted immensely from the experience and support of Aloha, which has resulted in a change in our health and lifestyles that we will continue with for the rest of our lives. While the program can seem complex and at times daunting early on, her knowledge and thoughtful encouragement was essential to our success in not only getting rid of excess weight, but seeing the prospects of a more rounded and healthy life.

Greg (CEO) and Anna (Accountant)

From Aloha I have learned the importance of thinking outside of the box. She was a great support…and there for me when I was struggling and wanted to quit, encouraging me not to give up, to keep trying, to focus on  the positive and use my skills and strengths to keep going. I always doubt myself and she was able to give me focus and intention again. She has a way of unravelling my negative thoughts into something positive and do-able. She was always willing to hear me out and help me find my focus again, to find the right perspective and to understand so many things I was not understanding…with lots of patience.

Leonor (Pharmicist/Entrepreneur)

I first met Aloha many years ago when I was starting a new business. As my leader, Aloha was there to coach, support and encourage me as I grew my successful business. Aloha’s probing questions and constant support challenged me to become a better person. In addition to being my business leader and life coach, Aloha introduced me to TKS. I was drawn to her commitment to the program and in particular, the mindset work. She encouraged me to also make a full commitment to the program and was there for me every step of the way. Aloha has a gift for challenging people to consider their thoughts, beliefs and actions and the impact those have on their lives.

Kathy (Food Safe Instructor/Entrpreneur)