Hi, I’m Ali Nielsen.  I’m a Holistic Health and Weight Loss Coach trained by Deborah Murtagh and I’m also a Certified Results Coach. I passionately believe that the majority of today’s ailments stem from our diet and that brain fog, arthritis and middle age spread aren’t inevitable when you go through menopause.  In fact, I don’t believe you need to slow down or be or do anything, just because you’ve reached a certain age.

I’m curious.  Are you at the point in your life where you just want to be happy with yourself and your appearance, yearning to feel in control of your body but doubting it will ever happen? Are you sick of falling for every wonder diet that comes on the market and hating yourself for it? Are you tired of feeling controlled by food and constantly either dieting or sabotaging yourself? Trust me, I’ve been through it all myself, so I understand how you feel.

Until I came across TKS in 2019, every Sunday was a last supper and Monday a new diet! Even as a young child, I felt that I was fat and I think I first went to WeightWatchers when I was about 12. I knew the calorie content of every morsel I consumed, I binged and I starved, I joined gyms and did boot camps and over the years just kept losing the same 5-15kg. Never reaching my goal, never feeling good enough.

I’d tried a Ketogenic diet before (of course!) but the science and common sense behind this one intrigued me.  For once, I stuck to it for more than a few days and not only did I find that I wasn’t hungry, but I lost the weight from the places I needed to and my shape changed completely. I also loved that my health improved, my arthritis disappeared and I had heaps of energy.

What I know to be true is that dieting may seem simple, but it’s not easy.  Having a Coach to support you step by step through your journey, dealing not only with your eating habits, but the beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals, can be key in your success.  So often, what’s holding you stuck are the stories you’ve been telling yourself (and may even have been told as a child), which on reflection may not even be true.  I can help you break through these barriers so you can achieve your goals, improve your health and be truly happy and proud of yourself.

Let’s have a chat to see how I can help reach your weight goals once and for all.  Ali xx


Email: alikimcoaching@gmail.com