Yvonne Da Dalto
January 23, 2018
Karen Foreman-Brown
February 12, 2018

Tracey Maccombe

“Hi ladies, this is a picture of my hubby and I yesturday. Ive been on TKS for a year. I wanted to loose 10kg. I lost 8kg due to health issues that came up I haven’t been able to move the numbers for several months. But after revisiting the mind switch work and Deborah Murtagh last talk and Michael Briggs TKS messages to some other ladies. I’ve decided not to push my body anymore, I am going to concentrate on getting my coeliac disease and my gut health under control. Toning and mind switch with move the last bit eventually. Thank you Deborah for my health and new outlook on life, I can’t wait to meet you in Melbourne and give you a big hug. You have changed my life for the better. Ps hubby has lost 10kg and is looking forward to loosing 10 more. Happy Sunday.”