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Emma Bowman Smith | Released 29kg | UK

I have been on diets since I was 16 years old; I lost weight on some but never long term and I was forever seeking the miracle solution. Of course, I felt like a failure and like I was letting myself down. I have had cancer twice, one totally unrelated to the other, so it was clear that my body was struggling to be healthy as well as slim. I was introduced to Deborah’s plan and was very sceptical at first, especially as a wine loving vegetarian: who isn’t after years of failing at every other diet? But this isn’t just a “diet” and I quickly realised that it was 100% sustainable and I was improving my health whilst still losing weight!

Still not convinced this plan works, 29kg in 9 months; healthier than I have even been & now addicted to the mirror because I truly can’t believe that’s me. Totally life changing, for my body and my mind.

The key for me was changing my mindset and this is the backbone to the plan which meant I was guided through every single step of why I was where I was and how to make that switch for good! I lost 29kg; I am healthier than I have ever been; my skin glows and my energy levels are amazing! I finally found that person within me who I knew was always there and am now the very best version of myself: I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to Deborah and her incredible team!

E x

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