How would you like to spend a day with me?

A day to show you what’s possible….
A day to help you discover your authentic freedom and
find out what it would mean to your life if you had it…
A day to get you aware of the limitations you put on yourself,
your weight goals, your relationships and your career…


Sunday July 11th – 10am-5pm NZT

It’s time to put a rocket on your every desire and for you to FINALLY get to where you want to go.

It’s time to get in the FLOW and STOP trying so hard.

So I’m taking a piece of my own advice.

I should’ve done this long ago. But I’m doing it now.

And the excitement and passion I’m feeling around this is nothing short of the most epic ride of my life already and I want you to come along with me.

The Retreats I created, both sold out within 72 hours. Clearly you want more!

After I released these two retreats, I read your comments and listened to you!

My response?

Let’s create an intimate online one-day event where I get to have meaningful and intimate conversations, just as I would if they were on retreat with me!


Conversations that will be as if every one of them is speaking to you.
Intimate. Personal. Authentic. Vulnerable.

Expect the unexpected as you step into my unique approach to transforming a weight loss journey into the reality that it’s so much more than diet!  What I know to be true is that we are more alike that we are different.  We all feel as though our struggles are different and unique, but they all boil down to the same things, we want to live our best life but there always seems to be something standing in our way.  I want to show women that what we focus on is not what we should be focused on, that our thinking is the root cause of holding us back in life.

This one-day event will help women create an authentic breakthrough by uncovering the deepest core beliefs that are causing them to recreate the same reality over and over again… hence the yo-yo cycle.  I promise you, it has nothing to do with diet or the ‘shoulds’ and it has everything to do with creating a pathway to ‘Authentic Freedom!’


This will help you RELEASE the old and not just make room for the new but CREATE the new then and there!

This one-day event is going to be life changing!
For some overwhelming!

In addition to purchasing your live event ticket,
we would like to offer you a downloadable recording,
available within 48hrs of the live event for only $37!

Now you can watch Conversations with Deborah live and have the opportunity to have the recording to go back to. I really encourage you to take this opportunity as you will relate to so many of the stories and hopefully discover some mind-blowing lightbulb moments of your own on this journey with us!

Now there is one thing… The retreats sold out fast….so I know these places are going to go fast too.

SO… I wanted to give you the opportunity to grab one of the spots.

 The year is flying by.

 What are you going to do to make 2021 and the rest of your life everything that you have ever dreamed of and MORE?

So… if your heart is beating a little faster, if you’re a little excited and a little nervous all at once… then check it out and come along 🙂

Are you ready for the time of your life? I can’t wait to have you join me on this one day event ‘Conversations with Deborah.’

 Love Deborah x