The ultimate mind-body-spirit approach to weight loss & creating life the way YOU desire, where you will leave your excuses in the past where they belong as Deborah lovingly kicks you back into focus!

‘Coded For Growth’ includes:


Deborah’s weekly sessions where she takes you deeper into the psychology of weight loss and continues the conversations around what it truly takes to live in alignment with your highest values, and leave the wagon jumping behind forever.


Prepare yourself for a full 8-week round of TKS including a supervised 5 day fast, guided by Deborah and Grace.  With an option to include private coaching by one of Deborah’s trained Metabolic Mindset Accountability Coaches. 


Bonus weekly Facebook lives from TKS Lifecoach, Debra Renney, as she takes you on a journey each week into clearing and recalibrating your Energy System for powerful shifts. Debra’s gift is bringing calm amongst life’s storms.  


Understand what your Soul is calling you to Do, Be and Have as you step into an intentional life. Your Soul is coded to know exactly the life you deserve. Claim that and say yes to creating your ultimate life – without the old codes that have held you back.

We start  Thursday 16th June 2022 at 7pm – 8:30 pm NZ Time 

Here’s What You’ll Get:

60 days of Personal High-Level Coaching with Deborah Murtagh, and her guest experts. 

Complete a round of The Ketogenic Switch (this will be next level!) including a 5 day supervised fast, personally guided by Deborah and Grace.

8 x Dream Life Creation Training Modules to help you embody the life you are ready to step into.

Deborah shares her unique ‘future pulling’ technique and shows you exactly how to consciously design your epic life.  

Downloadable resources, homework, and life-changing bonuses, guest experts and interviews to help you implement what you learn

WEEKLY coaching calls with Weight Loss Expert and Coach, Deborah Murtagh + Q+A

Special access to a dedicated Facebook group. This will include video’s, inspiration, Lives and guidance to keep you motivated and inspired.

Your investment:  US$1895 or 3 payments of $650


Say yes to a new, lighter, freer you.

Say yes to energetic clearing and expansion.

Say yes to a vibrational frequency upgrade.

Say yes to conscious upleveling.

Say yes to shedding the trauma’s behind your weight gain.

Say yes to your Soul.


Leave your old ways behind and transform into a new version of YOU…. The version of you who is coded for GROWTH!

The 2022 Coded for Growth Program begins June 16th, 2022. 
Please email us on our contact page if you have questions.


Thank you Deborah! I’m so sad the journey is over but so grateful it happened.
I have gained so much from this.”

— Rachel EC

“Wow! What an amazing journey we ladies have been on. I am so grateful for Deborah Murtagh, Debra TKS Life Coach, Cate Newton and Grace TKS Nutritionist for being here to share your knowledge and support with us all as we work on being the best of ourselves.
Thank you all wonderful sisters on this journey for holding space and listening when needed – you are amazing.
This course was so timely and I had so many lightbulb moments!

— Angela Beddek

“Thank you, thank you and thank you. I do believe that I have grown throughout this course and are coded to a new way of thinking. Coded for Growth was such a great learning journey.
So special to have you three in my life now. Deborah, Deb and Cate. Thanks again so much.”

— Kerrie Cole

“I express with a grateful heart all that we have been given during Coded for Growth. So many emotions, so much learning and lots of recoding.
Thank you everyone for this sacred space and the hope that is strengthened by our connections.”

— Juanita Varley

“For me the most important fact when entering Coded for Growth was investment in me. For the longest time, my investments have been my career, family and friends and any hangers on.
This course has given us so many tools in an integrated way to use this journey called life. I am still on this journey, knowing life is a journey not a destination.
Deborah Murtagh you said that every group has an energy, what I experienced was a group of highly driven, successful in so many ways, type A sisters knowing it was their time to invest in self. I have found my tribe!
Debra TKS LifeCoach, your sweet encouraging spirit and Cate Newton, your positive energy. Deborah Murtagh your wonderful no bullsh*t way and Grace TKS Nutritionist, you are all fantastic #dreamteam

— Michelle Can Der Walt

Your investment:  US$1895 or 3 payments of $650


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