Sharleen Adams
April 26, 2017
Deborah Jenkins
November 25, 2017

Annie Stonehouse Gow

“Yesterday I had cause and time to reflect. A few months can make such a difference. I started 2017 menopausal, 6kgs heavier than I’d been in the last 30 years (Which is a lot when you’ve always been small), not sleeping, having aching feet and generally not liking myself one little bit. My GP had told me that basically that was life as you age and some of the symptoms of menopause would pass in time! Luckily I am an impatient person and wasn’t prepared to wait it out. Long story short – I went searching and Deborah Murtagh crossed my Facebook page and WOW – yesterday I turned 55 and was sitting beside the pool, in a bikini, on my honeymoon, smiling!!!!!! I am back to my normal 55kgs but I feel fitter than ever. I am happy and I am focussed and I have learnt that putting myself first is loving, not selfish. Keto stated as a diet but is now a way of life and I’m loving it. 2017 is going to end well.”