Hi, I’m Deborah Murtagh, one of the world’s leading mind-before-body weight loss coaches, and I want to help change your life!

You really want to lose weight or improve your health, but you just seem to keep failing. That’s because we all have an Inner Coach and an Inner Critic, and whoever we listen to determines our success!

If you are stuck in a pattern of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, or self-sabotage, your inner critic is in control. As a mind-before-body weight loss coach, I know from helping thousands of women just like you, that we need to change our relationship with food, and ourselves, to master weight loss for life.

That’s why I spent over 20 years developing my programme so that I not only give you the best diet in the world, I include a comprehensive and unique mindset guide that will get to the heart of your food addictions and help break them.

As there is so much bad dietary advice out there, and so many temptations, we need to use mind, body and soul to transform our lives.

Imagine a life where weight is no longer a struggle for you. That’s the gift I have already given thousands of women, and I can give it to you.

Deborah xxx

Who is Deborah Murtagh?

Deborah Murtagh is an innovator, researcher, author and expert in wholefoods nutrition and mind-before-body weight loss. After 25 years and 20,000 hours clinical experience, she’s the leading authority on implementation of the ketogenic diet in the real world.

Through her transformational programs and sell-out international retreats, Deborah has helped over 15,000 women from 48 countries understand what to eat and think to master weight loss for life. Her flagship program, The Ketogenic Switch, not only helps women transform their bodies, it also helps reduce chronic illness and menopausal symptoms, restoring health and vitality. By removing barriers like weight and health issues, members are empowered to reach their full potential, inspiring those around them.

Deborah volunteers her time to medical research and has co-authored one of the world’s most important diet research studies in history, showing that diet can dramatically improve quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s Disease. She is now embarking on a new study to determine whether diet has the potential to impact Alzheimer’s.

Deborah’s greatest two missions in life are to empower women to transform their lives, and to help create a global shift in consciousness so the medical fraternity recognizes diet as a legitimate treatment option for chronic disease.